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The world consist of 3 continents. Resor located in the southern and eastern hemispheres of Valox is the most isolated of the three continents. The kingdoms of Resor have been at war for years, until recently when several kingdoms allied to form the Talranian Alliance and have begun to dominate the politics of the continent by bringing peace. Now able to focus on other ventures, the Talranian Alliance has been able to build their first deep sea vessels to explore the rest of the world. The biggest of the continents is Kesic, which has been closed off from the rest of the world by a magical shield, which allows no one that enters to leave. Due to the shield, most kingdoms on Kesic have not invested in deep sea technologies, but are quite advanced in technologies built for coastal waters. The main worry of most kingdoms on Kesic are the Goblin tribes in the middle of the continent. These tribes inhabit the more uninhabitable regions of the continent making it difficult for other kingdoms to wipe them out of existence, while the Goblins continue to raid neighboring kingdoms. Due to this, there have been a handful of buffer states formed between the Goblins tribes and Valencia, the major south western kingdom of Kesic, which protects it from the Goblins. There is also a kingdom in the southeastern portion of the continent, which commonly trades with the Goblin tribes allowing them to avoid raids. The two major kingdoms of Kesic are located on the west coast and are known as Valencia and Tregon, which is located in the North. The two kingdoms often fight over territory. Tregon is the more corrupt of the two kingdoms. Tregon borders the Goblin tribes directly along the Kalucian mountain range in the northern middle of the continent. Due to this, there is a consistent threat of rebellion in the regions bordering the Kalucian mountains because of Goblin raids. Meanwhile, other than major wars with Tregon and the occasional threat from border kingdoms and goblins, Valencia is the most peaceful kingdom, allowing them to be the most scientifically advanced on the continent outside of war. There are a number of other kingdoms, city states, and republics on Kesic, but most of those are relatively minor, as they are either within the influence of one of the major powers or a coastal state. However, the orb that manifests the protective shield around Kesic is located in the northern regions of the Goblin heartland and is protected by a dark lord, whose family used the orb centuries ago to ward off a threat from Zalona, the third continent. Zalonia is a smaller icy continent located to the north of Kesic. Several centuries ago the Zalonians were succeeding in trying to conquer Kesic, which marked the only time the nations of Kesic worked together. As a last resort, the nations of Kesic decided to activate an orb that would isolate the continent from Zalona, disrupting their supply lines. Tales of the war are mostly told in the northern half of the continent and have been relegated to legend with many people forgetting about the existence of the orb. However, there is still a small confederacy of Zalonian city states located to the north of the Goblin kingdom, which is threatened to be wiped off the map by a handful of Goblin warlords who wish to remove them from the continent. However, if the orb is ever deactivated there is a reliable belief that the Zalonians would invade again.