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Established Races of Valmalus

On Marvee
  • Dragonborn (Live in Chulak and Ramar)
  • Dwarves (Live in Dakor and Ramar)
  • Drow (Lived in Eotang, recently collapsed)
  • Elves (Live in Avalon and Ramar)
  • Goblins (Live in Ramar and in tribes)
  • Gnomes (Live in tribes in ruins of their lost empire)
  • Humans (Live in Vintas and Ramar)
  • Orcs (Live in Ramar and in tribes)
On Isla de los meurtos
  • Gnomes (Live in the remnants of the Muerte Empire)
  • All other races (Enslaved by the remnants of the Muerte Empire)
On Havarajya
  • Aarakocra (Live in Samrata)
  • Satyr (Live in the outskirts of Samrata)
on Iguazu
  • Dragonborn (Live in tribes)
  • Humans (Live in Misiones)
On Jiag
  • Humans (In tribes that call themselves the Javu)
On Vixalia
  • Centaur (Live in Canterall, The Grasslands, and Strataria)
  • Kenku (Treated as slaves throughout the continent)
  • Leonin (Live in Kingdom of Leo)
  • Lizardfolk (Live in Peaked Coast, Scalia, and Shimmer Isle)
  • Loxodon (Live in Iveria, Strataria, Tusk Straits)
  • Minotaur (Taurlo Empire)
  • Owlin (Live in The Grasslands and Shimmer Isle)
  • Satyr (Live in Satyrus)
  • Tabaxi (Live in Longfang)
  • Tortle (Live in Shelled Island)
  • Warforged (Live in Automata)
  Beneath the waves
  • Grung (Live In Galupaea)
  • Locathah (Live In Galupaea)
  • Sea Elves (Live In City states; Tallberg, J√§rvi, Ingvall, Bask, Laurell, and Wulff)
  • Triton (Live In Galupaea)
  • Ooze (Can gain sentience anywhere in Valmalus. Due to the nature of how Ooze gain sentience there is no record of any Ooze organizing with each other. They typically hide from other sentient creatures or hide their identities to move among them.)