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Chulak, the nation of Dragons, is located in the center of Marvee. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides. The Dragonborn of Chulak uses the surrounding mountains for defense and have many forts built into the mountains to defend the passes into Chulak. The Dragonborn worship the dragons of old that have not been seen since the Divine Intervention. There are rumors that dragons still exist in the unexplored continents, but there is no evidence to substantiate this claim. The Dragonborn have a strong warrior society. Their leadership are the best warriors in the nation and can be taken out of office at any time by losing an official challenge. If the Dragonborn leaders refuse to fight an opponent three times in a row they automatically give up their position to the challenger. This is to ensure that cowardice does not grow in the leaders of Chulak. The structures of Chulak are all built of stone as are their weapons and armor. Their weapons and armor are typically made of diamond, while their buildings are made of basalt or marble. The Dragonborn melt the stone and reshape it as they see fit. This allows for a multitude of designs for their structures and tools.   The Dragonborn raise cattle for their food supply and grow a few vegetables that are indigenous to Chulak. They use the hide of their cattle for carpets and bedspreads. It is also used to decorate their weapons and armor. The Dragonborn are constantly dressed for battle, for combat can occur at any time. Any Dragonborn can challenge another who is of higher rank. It is heavily frowned upon to challenge those weaker than you, but you must accept all challenges from those who are of lower rank. This can be a fine line, for some Dragonborn will goad lower-ranked warriors to challenge them so they can humiliate an enemy with ease.   The warrior council consists of 5 warriors of the highest rank. They are tasked with ensuring the laws of Chulak are followed and with managing the safety of the citizens. There is no official standing army in Chulak for all the adults are well-trained warriors who can be called to action at any time. All Dragonborn have the ability to breathe fire, ice, lightning, acid, or poison. Each ability has great applications to their society. The Fotnoi are the builders of all structures and tools in Chulak. Their breath is strong enough to melt stone as well as most metals. The Pagnoi use their breath to freeze food for storage. This allows their large farms to not have any wasted meat. The Astrnoi use their breath to power the lights of Chulak. Chulak is the only nation with electricity though it is not very reliable since it requires a large amount of Dragonborn to power it. The Oxnoi use their breath to break down unused materials and tools for easy removal. They also break down the waste in the sewer systems of Chulak. The Dilnoi use their breath to store and make poison canisters to use against enemy forces. They are also used for pest removal.   The Dragonborn are in many ways the most advanced race on Marvee. They are unskilled in magic save for their breath. This evens the playing field with the other races who rely heavily on magic. The Dragonborn rarely go on the offensive with the other nations. They have fought the dwarfs of Dakor many times due to how close Dakor is to Chulak. These nations are the closest to each other of all those on Marvee. There are skirmishes occurring constantly between the two nations. They typically are fighting over mountains that are rich in metals and stone that are of high value. These mountains are known as the Kulta Vuoret and are rich in gold, copper, iron, coal, and diamonds. The mountains are also rich in basalt. The Dragonborn require large amounts of diamonds and basalt, while the Dwarfs desire the diamonds and gold. They also need coal, iron, and copper for their metalworks. The Dragonborn can also use the coal to make more diamonds thanks to their powerful fire breath and ability to make high-pressure containers out of diamonds.   Recently, Chulak conquered Dakor. This has caused the other nations of Marvee to talk in earnest on how to deal with Chulak's newfound territory and resources.
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