Shasarek Shogunate

Government: Shogunate. A Shogun rules over provincial rulers called Daimyos. Daimyos have loyal Samurai under them. Territory and loyalty are all fluid, rapidly changing and ever contested.   Cultures: Darneshi   Official Religion: None, cultural split between Dichotism and Masoritanism.   Population: 400,000   History: The Shasarek Shogunate is a nation born of blood, kept strong by war, and whose system relies on endless conflict to keep the nation united. Prior to the formation of the Shogunate, the territory was known as the Shasarek Desert, a lawless land of anarchy and warlords. The territory had existed since 251 4E when a successful rebellion against the Darnesian Sultanate freed the territory from its rule, yet the land devolved into chaos as in-fighting took hold of the rebels. This caused the Shasarek territory became a place of warlords, bandits, raiders, and anarchy. This lawless land became the home of the downtrodden and unwanted races of the world such as Orcs, Goblins, Knolls, Tieflings, and Minotaur (among many others). These races, who had long been discriminated against worldwide for various reasons, formed communities in the Shasarek lands. Later attempts by the Darnesian Sultanate to reconquer the territory failed due to endless insurgencies, and further rebellions.   In 21 5E Torglar, an ambitious Orc warlord with a large following, set out to conquer and unite the peoples of the Shasarek Desert. Any student of history will know that though Torglar was a great warrior, he was also very intelligent. Unlike the Darnesian Sultanate, Torglar had discovered and read ancient Hantzu political books, rediscovering an ancient political system first used by the Hantzu people in the 2nd Epoch. This system was Shogunism. Using this system, he could control his subordinates through a rigid structure of upward mobility that is determined by success and loyalty in combat. Torglar finished his conquest in 3 years, and the Shasarek Shogunate was declared in 24 5E.   To keep the Shogunate from collapsing to in-fighting, it must always have a war to wage, a target upon which the Daimyos, Samurai, and Soldiers can prove their worth to their superiors, and have the opportunity to rise in society. The Shogun declares seasons, a Proving Season, and a Providing Season, each lasting several years. During a Proving Season, the whole nation gears itself for extended war. At the end of the season, promotions and rewards are given. During the Providing Season, the populace farms, trains, and focuses on rebuilding infrastructure.   Though the Shasarek people identify as Darneshi culturally, the influence of Hantzu culture cannot be denied, and it is likely a new culture will be named by the Logicmasters to define the Shasarek people, who value strength and honor above all else.