Rashwanan Caliphate

Government: Caliphate. A theocracy with religious heirarchy, and a Caliph as the religious leader and ruling force of the land.   Cultures: Rashwan   Official Religion: Singulism   Population: 58,000   History: The Rashwanan Caliphate originates as a rebellion against the Darnesian Sultanate. When Imam Rashwanan declared his revelations that founded the religion of Singulism, there became a religious split among the people of the Darnesian Sultanate between Dichotism and the new heresy of Singulism. Over the course of 10 years after Rashwanan declared his heresy to the world, the cultural split grew, and eventually developed into a rebellion in 380 4E, lead by Imam Rashwanan himself. After 2 years at war with the Darnesians (who already had problems with inner conflict between their own Emirs), the Darnesians stopped their aggression, and the territory was declared to be the Rashwanan Caliphate in 382 4E.   Imam Rashwanan is an Elf, and lives to this day ruling as Caliph. Many also call him by the title Grand Imam. Since then, the Caliphate has faced 5 failed invasions by the Darnesian Sultanate, all of which were poorly planned by the Sultanate and often the work of overzealous or rogue Emirs and Atabegs, acting without consent of the Sultan.   The Caliphate is a country full of hardened people, fiercely set into their religion, defiant despite poor living conditions, somehow maintaining a jovial attitude. Having found a recent ally in the New Sovereignty, the Caliphate has seen a refreshing period of peace. It isn't a highly populated country, but the threat of its heretical religion makes it ever relevant in world politics.