New Sovereignty

Government: Confederation. The New Sovereignty is a Confederation of 5 Provinces, each with a unique cultural origin. Each province is a self governing state, in many ways its own nation. Each Province has an elected Provincial Representative (which is elected in a manner unique to each province), which together form a Federal Council. The Federal Council can pass federal laws, create federal programs, declare war, and create a military draft. For the Federal Council to enact any of these powers, a vast majority vote of 4/5 Councillors must be achieved.   Cultures: Majority Cellan, Hantzu, Darneshi, Draconid, Elven, minority Rashwan.   Official Religion: None, freedom of religion, provinces are free to self govern and decide on a provincial religion.   Population: 1.4 Million   History: In 449 4E, the Chellesian Kingdom set out to conquer the Hantzu people, and in 450 4E they successfully did so. Upon doing so, they forced them into a Confederacy. The Chellesians were harsh occupiers, and the Hantzu a defiant people. Rebellions and insurgent activity plagued the province for years, until the Chellesian Kingdom withdrew in 455 4E, and the First Sovereignty was dissolved.   After some decades of learning, as well as social and political progress, the Chellesian Kingdom sought to form a confederacy once more, this time using a healthy mix of diplomacy, dealing, spying, and threatening. The Kingdom began their efforts in earnest in 14 5E. By 23 5E, the final additions to the confederation had been made, and the New Sovereignty was declared as formed.   The New Sovereignty remains relatively neutral in world politics, only considering Epsia to be an ally, if only for the sake of protecting them from Naiathel encroachment. Shasarek Shogunate samurai and daimyos occasionally lead raids into their territory, and the Naiathel Empire has been accusing the Sovereignty of aiding the Illfang Rebellion, raising tensions in their small holdings on the Dragons Peninsula. This, along with the host of domestic issues, keeps the confederation occupied enough.   Provinces:
  • The Province of Ellsia is an Elven contingent, once part of the Elven Princedom, that joined the Confederation to gain the power and security of a united confederacy. The rest of the Elven Princedom remained independent, unwilling to join the forming confederacy.
  • The Province of Reshenia is a mix of Darneshi and Rashwan who are religiously moderate, and wished to live in peace with each other despite the friction between their religions. They seceded from the Darnesian Sultanate and Rashwanan Caliphate to join the confederation as it formed. The confederation welcomed them, and sheltered them from the threat of conquest.
  • The Guen Province is a Hantzu province, which had experienced conquest and occupation before at the hands of the Chellesian Kingdom when they attempted to form the First Sovereignty. Fearing conquest again, the province agreed to the confederacy after some negotiating. Though hostility remains between the Hantzu and Chellan people, the procince has grown into its role as a part of the confederation.
  • The Province of Chellesia is the founding force behind the New Sovereignty, primarily Cellan in culture, and seeking to create a world power without bloodshed (an experience they learned after the failed First Sovereignty).
  • The Province of Densia is primarily Draconid, and joined the federation to remain relevant in world politics after centuries of discrimination and irrelevancy on the world stage.