Mason's Tools

Powered Tools

Mason's Tools may be upgraded to Powered Mason's Tools, which costs an additional 100 gp. These tools use small Aetherdynamos to power systems of hydraulics and pneumatics, which allow a mason to work far more efficiently. Powered tools reduce the time requirement of any crafting endeavor to a tenth of what it would normally be. These powered tools function well as weapons in a pinch, dealing 1d6 weapon damage and having the weapon properties of any equivalent weapons. If used as weapons against a creature or object that is primarily made of stone, they deal double damage.  


Mason's Tools can be used to destroy and shape stone, allowing for crafting or construction using stone material. Some simple uses of this can be creating sling bullets, stone-wrought furniture, a headstone, tomb, or a stone statue. Longer term uses of these tools can create tunnels through rock, dungeons, and stone-walled buildings. Stone is lasting, and often used for commemoration and enduring historical documentation. Through appropriate use in roleplay, a proper stone worked commemoration can grant a benefit from the Ceremony spell. Many arcanists may also prefer stone engraving as a medium for enchantment, as the runes are less likely to be broken, destroyed, or prey to time.  


The components, functionality, and features of Potter's Tools are folded into Mason's Tools, rendering Potter's Tools irrelevant both as a proficiency and an item. Mason's Tools now encompass the working of all earthen materials that aren't metals or gemstone.