Custom Spells

When seeking to create a customized spell, collaborate with the DM to determine the appropriate properties of the spell, and ultimately what the spell level should be for the desired effect. Upon finalizing the spell you wish to research, consult the spell research chart below. Research is done in research cycles. At the beginning of the research cycle, you must spend the Component Cost (in gold pieces) for that cycle. The component cost of the initial research cycle is listed on the table, which represents the materials, equipment, and books used to research the spell. The research time is the amount of time that will need to be invested to complete the research cycle.    Once the research time is completed, an Intelligence (Arcana) check is made against the research DC. On a success, the spell is successfully researched that cycle, and is learned by the researcher. If the research DC is failed on the initial research cycle, the spell is not successfully researched, but the endeavor is not necessarily over. You may continue into another research cycle for the spell. All research cycles beyond the initial one have their component cost, and research time reduced by half, and the research DC is cumulatively reduced by 2 for each previously completed research cycle.  
Spell Level Initial Component Cost Initial Research Time Initial Research DC
Cantrip 30 gp 0.5 Long Rests / 4 hours 10
1st 50 gp 1 Long Rest / 8 hours 12
2nd 130 gp 1 day / 2 Long Rests / 16 hours 14
3rd 300 gp 2 days / 4 Long Rests / 32 hours 16
4th 1000 gp 3 days / 6 Long Rests / 48 hours 18
5th 2000 gp 4 days / 8 Long Rests / 64 hours 20
6th 8000 gp 7 days / 14 Long Rests / 112 hours 22
7th 13000 gp 10 days / 20 Long Rests / 160 hours 24
8th 20000 gp 16 days / 32 Long Rests / 256 hours 26
9th 30000 gp 24 days / 58 Long Rests / 464 hours 28