Carpenter's Tools


You can craft most items that consist primarily of wood, such as quarterstaffs, clubs, bows, crossbows, arrows, and many others. These items generally take at least a Long Rest to craft, with access to the proper resources, and may take longer times if the item is more complex. Small items, such as a bundle of arrows, take a Short Rest to craft. This crafting assumes having the resources on hand. The resources to craft these items generally costs half their market price in raw components, though obtaining your own source of wood through foraging or cutting down a tree can further drive down the component cost.  

Powered Tools

Carpenters may upgrade their tools to Powered Carpenters Tools, which costs an additional 100 gp. Powered tools use small Aetherdynamos to power systems of hydraulics and pneumatics, which allow carpenters to work far more efficiently. Powered tools reduce the time requirement of any crafting endeavor to a tenth of what it would normally be. These powered tools function well as weapons in a pinch, dealing 1d6 weapon damage and having properties of equivalent weapons (for example, a Power Hammer may have the same weapon properties as a warhammer). If used as weapons against a creature or object that is primarily made of wood, they deal double damage.  


The components, functionality, and features of Woodcarver's Tools are folded into Carpenter's Tools, rendering Woodcarver's Tools irrelevant both as a proficiency and an item. Carpenter's Tools encompass all skillsets involving the shaping and usage of wood.  


When attempting to break, disassemble, or deconstruct a wooden object, any ability check made to do so gains your proficiency bonus with Carpenters Tools added to the result of the check. You may spend time increasing or decreasing the resilience of a wooden object or structure. The time is dependent on the size of the structure, but is generally 10 minutes for an object that is a 5 ft. cube or smaller, 1 hour for a door or piece of furniture, 8 hours for a room or small home, and up to a week for a larger building or home. Doing so increases or decreases the AC of the object by up to 4, and increases or decreases the DC required to break the object by up to 4.  


With the appropriate resources and components at your disposal, you can create furniture, furnishings, and structures out of wood. This typically costs 50% of its normal market price in components. This grants you a reasonable understanding of basic engineering and construction principles, especially as they retain to wood and its properties in construction. The amount of time a project takes is highly variable, and determined by the DM, but as a guideline, an object that is a 5 ft. cube or smaller takes about 1 hour, a door or piece of furniture takes about 8 hours, and any larger projects can take up to a week or more.