Bows & Crossbows

Bows and Crossbows can be crafted using Carpenter's Tools. When crafting a Bow or Crossbow, you may craft an existing bow or crossbow in the DMG (or another allowed supplemental book), or you may create a customized weapon. The Crafting Points listed on the Weapon Crafting Table are only used when crafting a customized weapon. Crafting can only occur when you have access to the resources and tools requires for the task, and the DM may require specific conditions to be met when attempting to craft (especially at higher rarities).

When crafting the weapon, the base component cost is half the weapon types market price. The Additional Component Cost listed for the weapon's rarity on the Weapon Crafting Table is then added to this. For example, crafting an Uncommon rarity Longbow costs 275 gp. A Longbow's market price is 50 gp, which is 25 gp once halved. The Additional Component Cost for an Uncommon rarity weapon is 250 gp, making the final combined component cost 275 gp. After meeting the component cost of the weapon, you must then spend the appropriate amount of Crafting Time listed for the chosen rarity working on the weapon. If you are making a customized weapon, your chosen rarity grants you a number of Crafting Points which may be spent on a Ranged Weapon Material, and one or more Enhancements. A customized weapon may have multiple enhancements, but can only choose one material.   You may further customize a bow or crossbow by upgrading it's rarity in order to gain the additional CP granted by that rarity, and spend them. When doing so, the Additional Component Cost and Crafting Time to do so are determined by finding the difference between the rarity of the weapon, and the rarity you are upgrading to. For example, upgrading an Uncommon weapon to a Rare weapon would cost 500 gp in Component Costs, and have a crafting time of 1 Week / 5 Long Rests / 40 hours, granting 2 CP to spend on upgrades.   Weapon Crafting Table
Rarity Additional Component Cost Crafting Time Crafting Points
Common None 2 Long Rests / 16 Hours 0
Uncommon 250 gp 1 Week / 5 Long Rests / 40 Hours 1
Rare 750 gp 2 Weeks / 10 Long Rests / 80 Hours 3
Very Rare 5,000 gp 1 Month / 25 Long Rests / 200 Hours 6
Legendary 20,000 gp 3 Months / 75 Long Rests / 600 Hours 10

Ranged Weapon Materials

When making a customized weapon, you may choose a material for the weapon to be made of. If you have an idea for a material not currently available on the list, you may consult with the DM, who will determine the materials CP cost.  
  • Standard Wood (0 CP): The standard wood composite, offers no additional benefit, but has no Crafting Point cost.
  • Fire-Oil Ash (1 CP): Found in the jungles of the Draconid Isles. This wood secretes an oil that is popular in a number of spicy dishes, but is also extremely flammable. Once every hour, you can use this oil as an Ingredient in a spicy dish (as described in Cook's Utensils), or to cause a non-magical bolt or arrow fired from this weapon to ignite, making the attack magical, and dealing an additional 1d6 fire damage if the attack hits.
  • Feather Birch (1 CP): This incredibly lightweight birch is found in some parts of the Naiathel Empire, and is the only migratory tree in the world. It has shallow roots, curved, sail-like leaves, and is so lightweight that high winds during the storms of the fall uproot them, and carry them away until they reach territories with milder winds. Their rarity and constant movement make them difficult to track down, and a treat to watch for foliage enthusiasts. To see a flying feather birch is a sure omen of ill weather to come. Weapons made from their wood are almost weightless, ideal for smaller statured people as they are very easy to wield. A weapon made with this material that has the Heavy property loses that property, and a weapon made with this material that does not have the Heavy property gains the Light property.
  • Harpy Hickory (1 CP): Found in the southeastern reaches of Weilonde, mostly in the New Sovereignty. Many people know the comforting smell of hickory smoke from a fire, but Harpy Hickory is a feared aroma. Its natural aroma is potent and alluring, detectable from up to half a mile away. It is incredibly enticing to most animals, drawing them towards the tree. For many animals such trees are a popular lounging spot. Tigers, panthers, snakes, and other arboreal predators have learned to wait in the branches of these trees for prey, pouncing on them. The corpses left by these predators then fertilize the tree, creating one of the strongest foliage-fauna symbiotic relationships in the world. Weapons made from this material share this alluring aroma. Once every 24 hours, you may use this weapon to cast the spell Animal Friendship, using either your spell save DC, or a DC of 14. Casting the spell requires no verbal, somatic, or material component. The spell fails if the beast cannot smell. If the beast has the Keen Smell feature, it suffers disadvantage on the saving throw.
  • Blacktongue Yew (1 CP): Found in the northern regions of the Arbethian Kingdom, bows or crossbows made from this wood must be fired wearing gloves, as frequently touching the wood can cause tissue necrosis. Chewing the bark of this tree can induce a brief, pleasant delirium, and was once a popular practice in ancient Hantzu culture. The necrotic properties of the bark gave its users a shriveled, blackened tongue, hence its name. Once every hour, a non-magical bolt or arrow fired from this weapon can impart this necrotizing toxin, dealing an additional 1d6 necrotic damage if it hits.
  • Faedoria Oak (2 CP): Wood from the legendary Faedoria Oaks has unique properties. Faedoria Weapons are considered magical weapons for the purpose of ignoring a creatures resistance to non-magical attacks. The weapon can store 1 charge. As a bonus action the weapon can expend this charge to either shed dim light in a 20 ft. radius for 1 hour, grow 1d6 goodberries (as described in the Goodberry spell), or deal an additional 1d6 radiant damage on the first attack it makes that results as a hit within the next 1 minute. The wood absorbs sunlight, and can regain its charge after being exposed to direct sunlight for 8 hours.

Weapon Enhancements

When making a customized weapon, you may choose any number of enhancements to apply to the weapon. Doing so costs Crafting Points, and may require additional skill or tool proficiencies specific to the enhancement. If you have an idea for an enhancement not currently available on the list, or wish to borrow a feature of an existing magic item, you may consult with the DM, who will determine the enhancements CP cost, and any skill or tool proficiencies it may require.  
  • +1 Magic Bonus (2 CP): Requires proficiency with the Arcana skill. Creatures making attacks with this weapon gain a +1 bonus to their attack and damage roll.
  • +2 Magic Bonus (5 CP): Requires proficiency with the Arcana skill. Creatures making attacks with this weapon gain a +2 bonus to their attack and damage roll.
  • +3 Magic Bonus (10 CP): Requires proficiency with the Arcana skill. Creatures making attacks with this weapon gain a +3 bonus to their attack and damage roll.
  • Elemental Weapon (1 CP): Requires proficiency with the Arcana skill. Instead of using ammunition, the weapon generates a magical bolt. This bolt deals a damage type of your choice, choosing between acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, poison, psychic, radiant, and thunder.
  • Summoning (2 CP): Requires proficiency with the Arcana skill. This enhancement causes the item to require attunement. An attuned creature may spend a bonus action to summon the weapon to their hand, or dismiss it to a pocket dimension in which it is stored.
  • Mechanized Holster (1 CP): Requires proficiency with Tinker's Tools. You create a holster for the weapon that can rapidly deploy or retract the weapon into your hands. Allowing you to wield or holster the weapon at will, costing no action. This allows you to wield the weapon even if you are surprised (so long as you are not incapacitated when you are surprised).
  • Vicious Weapon (3 CP): Critical hits with this weapon deal additional damage of the weapons type equal to your proficiency bonus.
  • Spellbrand (Variable CP): Requires proficiency with the Arcana skill. This enhancement causes the item to require attunement. You brand a spell upon the weapon. This must be a spell you know, or a spell from a spellscroll available to you (the spellscroll is expended in the process of branding the weapon). The spell attack and spell save DC of the branded spell are equal to your own (or that of the spellscroll used). When charged, an attuned creature wielding the weapon may expend the weapon's charge to cast the branded spell. The weapon may be recharged by expending a spell slot equal to (or greater than) the branded spell while touching the weapon, or by using an equivalent source of magical power (such as a charged Aethershard). The CP cost of this enhancement is equal to the branded spell's level. You may take this enhancement multiple times, either granting additional charges for a branded spell, or to add new spellbrands.