1st Epoch: Rule of Dragons

Epoch Length: Estimated 2,000 years, any history before this is too unknown to quantify.   The earliest records at the Grand Library of Meridian tell of a time when Dragons were abundant, and extremely powerful. In these times, the humanoid societies of the world lived in scattered tribes, and small communities. Any communities that tried to grow, or increase in power would inevitably catch the attention of a nearby Dragon, and be destroyed. Larger communities could only survive by giving tribute and complete subservience to a Dragon Overlord.   During the last 500 years of this epoch, some larger societies of humanoids had managed to gain a foothold. These rudimentary nations were feudalistic and oligarchical, crudely organized and often unstable. These nations were only allowed to exist by the grace of their Dragon Overlord, and would be burned to the ground in retribution if another neighboring Dragon ousted their Overlord. The clearest records of this epoch are from its last 500 years, recorded by these larger humanoid societies. The first bloodlines of Sorcerers began to emerge during this period. All Dragons have the ability to adopt a humanoid form, and in their humanoid forms some Dragons mingled their bloodlines with the upper echelons of these forming humanoid nations, thus spawning the first Sorcerers of draconic bloodline.   These Sorcerers propagated with themselves, increasing the number of Sorcerers in the world exponentially through each generation. In many places, Sorcerers had become a more powerful force than their Dragon Overlords, and a series of Sorcerer's rebellions began. The end of this epoch is marked by the very first of these Sorcerer's rebellion.