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Silver Owlbear

A white variant of the Owlbear, the Silver Owlbear is named after the silverish glare its fur gets when hit by direct sunlight. But it would be foolish to assume that is the only difference between the two. This isn't just from their home being the cold hostile mountains, where they blend in while slippery snow and ice make it hard to fight them. They also are far more ferocious than their brown brethren.   Their bodies are sturdier and their hide far tougher to pierce. Combined with the aforementioned harsher terrain, it is quite common for foolish rookies to underestimate them. As such, all troops are taught to defend in great numbers against these. Subjugation should be left to experienced Knights.
Danger Level
Subjugation Requirements
Two Squads
Advised Equipment
  • Boar Spears
  • Tower Shields
  • Acid Flasks
  • Large Nets
For subjugation, tower shields are employed to help block the creature's grasp. Spears allow attacking from a safer distance and with greater numbers. Arrows are ill-advised due to the need for defensive shields, but alchemical bombs work well.   While one would expect alchemic fire to be the best approach, morale is harmed by fighting an enemy that is on fire. As such, acid flasks are recommended instead. This does make the corpse less useful afterwards, but the risk simply isn't worth the gains.
The Silver Owlbears almost only live in high altitude areas with snow. While harsh weather or a lack of prey may lead them downwards, this is a rare occasion. As such, mountain passes are the main location type where there foul creatures are encountered.   Just like their brethren, these creatures are almost always solitary outside mating season. Yet there always is the chance of another to strike during a fight. As such, at least three soldiers should cover the flank and rear. If there aren't enough troops to do so, do not fight.


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