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Roastside Stew

The combination of roasted meat and a hearty multi-flavour stew makes this meal quite popular. It is merrily consumed by both travellers and farmers in the fall and winter months. Its name is a pun combining the word roadside with the word roast, as it's often prepared on the roadside. For many scouts and soldiers it's an old tradition that they follow even long after retirement.   While technically the meat can vary, hunters and farmers swear by deer or rabbit as the best. In part this comes due to being well-sized for proper preparation above a campfire, but also due to the flavour mixing well with those of the stew.
  • Meat (pref. deer or hare)
  • Burdock roots (fresh)
  • Mushrooms (pref. Trooping Funnels)
  • Chives
  • Sourdock Leaves (both fresh & dried)
A flavour battlefield
What makes the Roastside Stew, is essentially three things. First, an easily-roastable piece of meat. Second, mushrooms and roots. Third, spices and strong flavours. As such, ingredients of the stew may vary, but it's crucial to have mushrooms, roots, spices, and an interesting piece of meat.   One will never use chicken in this meal, as it's simply not interesting enough flavourwise. The same goes for the mushrooms, bland just-mushroom ones should never be used. The key of the meal is the clash and mixture of various flavours.
  • Peel roots and slice into thin strips
  • Cut the mushroom stems into discs
  • Cut the mushroom caps into cubes
  • Heat mushrooms in pan until nicely coloured
  • Add any dry spices and bake another minute
  • Add water, roots, fresh sourdock leaves
  • Bring to boil, simmer, add water over time
  • Sprinkle meat with dry sourdock leaves
  • Roast meat gently while stew simmers
  • Serve with fresh chives


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