Basin Fort

It is clear this fort was made to keep things out of the valley, not in. So what were they really afraid of? Does the threat still exist, or has it long passed alongside the valley's civilization? Ruined as the place is, it would take us ages to reconstruct it. What then should we do? Still conquer it, or leave it be? I wish I knew the answer.
— Sir Robinridge of the Wooden Shields

The Basin Fort is located across the river exiting the valley. Despite great damage after floods and rubble smashed into it, its towers still stand. But what then might be located inside it? As of now, none know the answer.
The Basin
Relevant areas/buildings
  • Entrance/Exit Walls
  • Cliff Towers
  • Bridge Wall
  • Docks
The valley-facing part of the fort has taken a lot of damage, but the exit-facing side still is mostly intact. The fort should be taken to secure this entrance of the valley, but there is no manpower available to scout it as all the knights and soldiers are stretched thin.   Once taken, despite the damage, the fort may very well serve as a good base. Yet the risk is simply too great to risk it for now.


Entrance/Exit Walls
The fort has two walls that are essentially narrow bridges with iron gates underneath. The entrance wall is collapsed, while the exit wall only has suffered some damage.
Cliff Towers
On each side of the river are towers carved into the mountain side, meant to oversee the nearby area, house troops, and provide access to thin paths higher up the cliffs.

Bridge Wall
Between the walls stands a massive fortified bridge, which used to have a covered roof and allowed for passing from one side of the river to the other. The roof has long since collapsed.
Stone docks allowed for boats and ships to moor at the fort. While greatly damaged, they could still provide a way to covertly approach the fort. However, this requires securing the lake first.

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