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Causes an isolated seizure within a person's particular muscle group as a way to painfully restrain someone. Usually, in such a way as to trip someone, or force them to make a mistake during combat.   However, the technique is most known as a means of assassination by focusing on a vital area of the body.


If one pays close enough attention, you can see the white lumping salt that would slowly form around the leg, arm or throat of the victim. However, as the target would assumedly be struggling, they would very quickly break and scatter these clumps.


Due to the rarity of the technique, it is thought that some combination of inner and outer spirit is needed, in conjunction with whichever salt is needed. This is, of course, highly speculative. We may be right. We may be wrong.   From the lack of notice by any reported witnesses who were next to a victim; some can, and have, argued that a master may not have need of salt at all, when utilizing spirit.


The concept of 'Grip' is fairly straight forward. A caster connects salt dispersions in the air with his inner spirit and mentally concentrates on a particular part of his target. It is uncertain just when this technique was developed, only that it had been in use secretly for political assassination. There are very few families who have had members capable of it. Families are very unlikely to have shared it with each other, especially given its dastardly sneaky nature. Therefore, it is more likely that there were several inventors, unknowing of the others, who created some variant of 'Grip' independent of each other.

Related Organizations
Material Components
Salt (specifically in the air)
Gestures & Ritual
What is important in performing "Grip" is in subtly establishing a salt connection. It is most common to direct spells with ones' hands. There are standard gestures a practitioner can make but the one for this spell is uncertain.
Related Discipline
Related School
Salt School
Related Element
Palm's full worth of Salt
Effect Duration
For as long as the caster can maintain his/her salty connection
Effect Casting Time
It takes about as long as the caster can manuver the salt into a viable connection.
That being said; it can take a while.
Most usually within visual range
Applied Restriction
It is exceedingly difficult when the target is underwater or in some other medium that dissolves or deprives salt (like fog, cold winds, mud or steam).

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