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Gold Balloons

by hughpierre
A gold balloon is a carrying device that is designed to support the vertical movement and change of direction of a rope made taut by heavy weights.

Power Generation

Gold Salt

The simple tendency of the salt to float is captured in sufficient quantities inside a large rubber ball stitched together to various sizes which contributes to a balloon's weight bearing capacity.



The salt and rubber balloon displaces an amount of air because it is lighter than air. Although it is sealed as tightly as possible to prevent escape, salt is still able to slip though the seams and depreciate the bloated ball. The amount of salt also determines how high the balloon will fly, and as a means of controlling elevation, a covered cap is opened and closed to let out controlled steams of the glittering salt to descend. As well as to filter more gold salt from the ground to cause ascent.

Communication Tools & Systems


Flags are used in the air-to-air and air-to-ground communication. The flags are usually square or triangular, red and yellow, divided diagonally with the red portion in the upper hoist. They can spell out short messages, and individual flags and various combinations of flags also have special meanings. On ceremonial and festive occasions the signal flags are used to decorate the balloons.  

Blow Horns

A blowing horn or winding device that is usually made of or shaped like an animal horn or snail shells, arranged to blow from a hole in the pointed end of it. To make messages audible at a distance, horns and shells of a deep percussion and are generally loud, and chiefly used for this purpose.

Additional & auxiliary systems


The balloon system is tethered the ground or other heavily thing to prevent it from flying away.

Hangars & docked vessels

Guiding Rail

A device or mechanism to direct the balloon through a channel, sometimes permanently built into a tall building's wall. A cheaper option has been to tie a rope loop around a pole hammered into the earth with a cap blocker on the other end as with the Free Drift approach.

Corn Court
Organization | Jan 15, 2024
Used by
Complement / Crew
2- 4 man crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Standard 3 men

Past Projects

Golden Bridge
Building / Landmark | Jun 18, 2020
The Great Temple of Tonatuih
Building / Landmark | Jun 3, 2020

Cover image: The Zephyr by Josh 'Badger' Atack


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