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Botanical Gardens

by hughpierre

Purpose / Function

A garden dedicated to the collection, preservation and display of plants brought from various parts of the realm and where thousands of varieties, unknown anywhere else, are bred and cross-bred.

Sensory & Appearance


The garden is a space with many local fruit trees and paths choked with roses and other sweet-scented flowers.   On the other side of a promenade are a hedge of lattice work made of cane, behind which are all sorts of plantation trees with sweet-smelling woods and aromatic herbs.


Specialist Gardeners

Alongside upkeep specialists; physicians, perfumers and poisoners favoured by the court are allowed to harvest the rarest specimens from the gardens.

Court Officials

The garden, being close to many minor palaces, residences and military houses, is an informal meeting spot for high ranking officials to discuss issues and conspire events.

Contents & Furnishings

Frog Pool

The gardens were irrigated via springs, streams, and artificial canals and featured fountains and artificial lakes. Three large earthworks decorated in historic sculptures and mythic cosmographies surrounded by the lush gardens and waterworks.   Bathing places with well constructed steps leading down to the bottom of a great square fresh water pool. Also constructed with sides of handsome masonry, around which runs a walk of pavement tiles.



The most profitable plants found in the gardens include vanilla orchids, cacao trees and magnolias.


The garden is full of plants and trees of medicinal value.


Great Speaker's Court

Whenever the ruler claimed rare plants as tribute, they were brought to the capital in great quantities, with the earth still about the roots and wrapped in fine cloth and planted around the springs. The plantings are accompanied by ritual ceremonies that include bloodletting and the sacrifice of large numbers of quail to Xochiquetzal, the flower deity.

Alternative Names
Imperial Gardens
Room, Outdoors, Garden
Parent Location
Connected Rooms
Owning Organization
Great Tetzcotzinco Garden
Building / Landmark | Mar 26, 2021

Cover image: The Ruins of an Empire by Tom Lévy


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