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Blue Devil


It has taken a long time for doctors and explorers to identify the reason for this disease.
  It was long noticed that blue people tended to congregate around specific areas around pitch lake in Mais and the silver lakes in the swamp. People who were healthy and live in these place for a time would almost exclusive develop symptoms there. After exhaustive investigations, someone finally noticed that occasional streams of gases would seep from both types of lake shores.   These gases originate from within the earth and diffuse into the false water and/or pitch. They subsequently moved through the Floodlands when containers of the untreated substances are exchanged across markets where the traders and producers are the first to succumbed.


  • Difficulty breathing
  • Lethargy
  • Darkening sight
  • Dizziness
  • Faintness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Blue tinged skin

Affected Groups

The devil affects males and females in equal numbers. Most cases are children or adolescents from endemic areas of the world. It is most common in remote rural tropical areas such as the Ñuñu Hills, the Painted Beaches and the Twin Hills.


Painted Plagues

The blue devil was the first of the painted diseases to emerge from the Cold Swamp via late stage surveyors. Their emerging from the wilds with a blue colouration was initially attributed to the frosty conditions they encountered. However; it would spread far, though sporadically, and was but the opening salvo of infections, disorders and infirmity that would cripple the Cloud Empire.

Cultural Reception

Painted Diseases

The blue devil left an indelible mark on the High Hill societies. Once all the plagues ran their course, the people who remained rebuilt with remainders to their collective trauma in their traditions and institutions:
  • Blue Bound was founded as a mutli-hill effort to respond to future outbreaks based in Gaioor.
  • Blue Temple was built in Cloud Country's Jaujamong Hill for state sponsored research purposes.
  • Over Tracing took partial inspiration to the patches of blue that occur in the disease.
Chemical Compound
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare
Affected Species
Painted Tribes
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Mountain Cloud Tribes
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Cloud Clans
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Cover image: Forgotten by Artur Gurin


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