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Heir to the Deep

A mythical being within the Triune. It is often claimed to grant wishes for the powerful and the wise.


The Heir to the Deep is said to be a water goddess once worshiped tens of thousands of years ago. She was the daughter of the ocean and the darkness, but was rejected by both in the end. Scorned, she walked the lands, eventually finding the sun. They say she tried to court the sun, but it too rejected her because of the darkness that was a part of her.   Having known nothing but rejection, she learned. She wrapped herself in a cloak of alluring shadows and learned from the mages of what is now the Haunt. They accepted her under the allure and she learned many things. As a god, she gained an even greater understanding than her mortal masters, but she decided she wanted to help them. However, she also felt, as truth-seekers, they deserved the truth of her origins, so on the day of her ascension to the rank of master, she revealed her true nature. To her surprise, the seekers did not reject her, but welcomed the knowledge she could grant them.   However, when she was away one day, their stronghold was attacked by raiders from the south. The seekers perished and the Heir drained the land of its life in vengeance, rending the land apart and turning into the desolate desert now known as the Haunt. Torn from the only ones that accepted her, she returned with her knowledge to the darkness of the deep oceans and slew its denizens, becoming the Heir to the Deep. Now she plots against southerners and aids the men of the Haunt and the Triune that show her acceptance and a yearning for knowledge.

Historical Basis

After several expeditions into the Haunt, the Crystal Scholars determined that the Haunt was once something more akin to a river valley than a desert. They have no solid theories on what could've caused such as quick change in the landscape, however.   It is also said that the Lord of Lights, the founder Selhim, called upon her and asked for the knowledge of war to found his kingdom. The Lord did go on to conquer much of the Qunai region in the Northern Triune and it is considered an oddity for him to attribute his success to an archaic figure.

Variations & Mutation

Certain tribes within the Haunt paint the Heir as a far more nefarious figure. One variation is her vendetta against all humanity, not just men south of the Haunt. Other variations claim that she always planned to use the seekers' knowledge to overthrow the darkness and become its ruler rather than being pushed to it by tragedy.

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