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Cooper's Corner

Looking to get a drink or five at a top-notch establishment with a legendary backstory? Well, go no further than Cooper's Corner. It's located right smack-dab in the middle of wherever the heck it wants to be. That's because it is Valiya's most famous, if not only, sea-faring tavern and pub. Cooper's Corner is the name of the institution that was built right into an old, but still functional, pirate galleon. This ship, slightly larger than the average galleon, has three levels below deck, as well as the traditional helm level above the captain's quarters located at the aft end of the vessel. While the deck is often open to visitors so they can take advantage of the breathtaking ocean views, patrons are initially led down to the first level below deck. There they will find the pub section, including a full bar and dining area as well as the ship's galley where the chef prepares the food. The next floor below houses the living quarters, of which there are twenty available to rent by the night. This is where the guests and crew will stay if they plan to remain aboard when the captain journeys to the next port. Guests have spoken very highly about the lodging, as many tend to find that the rooms are extremely comfortable, especially by pirate tavern standards. The lowest level, off limit to guests, is entirely for storage of mostly legal goods. While the ship is older than most beings currently living, it actually looks and sails like it's brand new. In addition to the smoothest ride you will ever experience, the dark auburn hull seems as though it was just nailed in and varnished yesterday and the bright green sails, emblazoned with large yellow cursive C's, always appear as if they were just dyed that morning. Some say that they've been replacing parts on it for centuries, to the point where now only a handful of pieces are from the original ship, but many believe that there is some sort of magical aura preserving the ship in its most pristine condition.   You may be wondering, "Why is it called Cooper's Corner? Who is Cooper?" Well, according to legend, this particular ship was captained by none other than the notorious scallywag Captain Cooper himself, nearly eight-hundred years ago. There is no name more recognizable in the pirate community than Cooper. So much so, that you will often hear crewmates or captains freely interchanging Cooper for other words. For instance, a captain berating his scout for missing something obvious may recommend that he "get his Coopers checked." The stories say that Cooper sailed the high-seas his whole life, amassing a large sum of wealth along the way, including an eclectic collection of treasures. Said treasure has never been recovered, but it is rumored to still be hidden away somewhere. This has drawn many to the waters of Valiya, including treasure hunters and prospective pirates who wish to make a name for themselves. When Cooper died, his will, previously written up with the help of a maritime lawyer, was released to the public and posted in every pirate bar. His will did not include details about the location of any sort of treasure, but it did mention his final wish: to transform his ship into a safe-haven for pirates. Ever since, Cooper's Corner, allegedly captained at the time by Cooper's first-mate Vernon "Tail-wag" Lewis, has been making its rounds, docking at every infamous pirate port in the world.   Other than the big-picture origin story, the life of Cooper is clouded in mystery, exacerbated further by hyperbolic story-telling and classic pirate embellishment. For example, some believe that Cooper, though human, managed to live for nearly four-hundred years. Others claim that there was never a Cooper, but that the name was just used to accredit unknown or unnamed pirates for their dastardly deeds. However, the one common factor in the stories of his life is the recounting of Cooper's simian companion Davey Barnabas, who managed to not only be the captain's most trusted friend, but also his most unreliable crew-member. Davey Barnabas apparently spent a lot of time in the brig, due to his unruly and mischievous behavior on the ship. This behavior included dancing precariously on the bow of the ship, distracting the helmsman by riding on the wheel, and occasionally launching himself out of the ship's cannons. Davey Barnabas, according to the majority of accounts, died along with Cooper, many centuries ago. His memory, however, is honored to this day through the continuing use of the ship's brig. Any patron of Cooper's Corner found to be infringing upon other's enjoyment due to their "Barnabas-esque" behavior, will be sent to brig. There, Captain Gracey Turnip, the current captain of Cooper's Corner, will ask them to sleep it off.   Since Cooper died and left his ship to be a floating pub for pirates, there have been many a captain charged to care for Cooper's Corner. Thirteen brave souls took up the mantle before Captain Turnip, including Captain Bob "Floorboard" O'Malley, Captain Margaret "Ol' Magpie" Jenkins, Captain Lucia Sangora AKA "Madre Tiburon," and Captain Timber Sandalwood, just to name a few. Nowadays, however, you will respect the authority of the reputable Captain Gracey Turnip "from ship to sand." That is to say, from the moment you first step on board Cooper's Corner to the moment your foot hits solid ground again, the word of Captain Turnip reigns supreme. Having been sailing for most of her life, this sea-weathered halfling is more than fit for her role. While she is smaller than most, people have always looked up to her. She grew up in Canto and built her first sea-worthy ship when she was only seven years old. At nineteen, she joined the Corvahlian Naval Academy in Sandpoint and three years later she became the youngest halfling to ever graduate. For the next fifteen years, she served with the Corvahlian Navy, but went on to buy her own vessel immediately afterwards. She was captain of her ship, the Ruby Lion, for twenty-six years. During this time, she mostly worked as a passenger ship and was famous for her skill to navigate through rough or dangerous waters. She eventually relinquished authority of the Ruby Lion to become the first-mate of Cooper's Corner. There, she spent five years learning the ins and outs from the previous captain, "Ol' Magpie" Jenkins, before taking command on her own.   Captain Turnip's duties keep her very busy, but she still occasionally acts as bartender. Usually, though, the person you'll find behind the bar is Rico Flambeau, a dragonborn man from Okruhn. Talk to him if you need your thirst quenched or your belly filled. On the beverage side of things, Cooper's Corner is home to three brews that are concocted right within its hull by the crew members. These ales are Cooper's Copper Cider, Blue Belly Barnabas (an oatmeal stout), and an IPA called Captain's Orders. Since Cooper's Corner is constantly travelling the world, they additionally will always have a wide selection of imported ales from all over Valiya. These include Blackshale Shandy, Crooked Ingot, and Darksteel Stout from the Sweaty Anvil in Thrawnton; Oblivion Pale Ale from Corellon's Nightstand in Rivershard; Trembling Topsoil Pilsner from the Grim Grinner in Shallowvale; Greenbush Ale from the Growling Giggle in Grizzly Gorge; Honeysweet Vibrado Cider and Slightly Sharp IPA from Paulie's Pawprint in Refreyn; Bulette Chaser, Guava Jabrava, and Sandpoint Blonde from Coarse House in Finecrest; and Thrym's Kiss and Ice Breath from Ni Haldrén. As far as spirits go, Cooper's Corner is known for its home-made grog, but also offers a collection of bottles from all over the world. They have Ravensong, a licorice-flavored liquor from Magisteria, Fee-Fi-Fo Rum, a giant-made rum from Artemon, Tari and Veru, liquors brewed from rice and sweet potatoes respectfully that are native to the Seldarine Empire, as well as a collection of Dwarven Whiskies from Kremania, such as Bearded Barrel, Copper Point, and Lucky Prospect. As far as cocktails go, the sky's the limit. Rico will whip up anything for you, but their popular house mixes include the Kraken's Lullaby, a salty yet sweet blue drink flavored with fruit; the Monkey Cannon, a spicy cinnamon-flavored drink served in a signature Barnabas-themed mug; and, the most popular choice, Cooper's Vacation, which is a potent concoction using a variety of different spirits that is flavored with lime, coconut, and barnacle-braised oranges. You can also ask for famous local drinks like a Raven Bomb, which is a shot of Ravensong dropped into a glass of Flintlock Sparkjuice, popularized at the Giant's Moon in Rivershard; a Twelve-Point Buck, which is Kremanian Gin flavored with lime, ginger, mint, and the sap of an Azula tree, commonly ordered at the Growling Giggle; and a Moonbow Cocktail, which is Veru mixed with Moonbow grape juice, from Tasheido's Spirits in Quessaria.   You'll always have plenty of drinks to choose from at the bar, but the food selection is constantly changing, depending on what is available at the time. The head of the kitchen, Chef Lundgren Hornbreaker, has been creating amazing dishes for at least forty years. Hornbreaker is a renowned goblin chef, famous for working in some of the most luxurious and esteemed establishments in the world. About twelve years ago, when Chef Hornbreaker announced that he would be leaving his career as a gourmet chef to work in the galley of a pirate ship, people thought he had lost his mind. He later explained that he had started to get bored working in the nicest restaurants in Valiya. He wanted a new experience where he could tackle the challenging task of turning the limited resources of a pirate galley into five-star quality meals that could hold a candle to the amazing dishes he had created in the past. The available meals are often seafood cuisine, such as Char-broiled Quipper, Shark Frittata, and Grilled Garlic Shrimp, but occasionally the kitchen can prepare some other dishes such as steak, cobra jerky, or bacon-wrapped dates, when they are in port. That being said, Chef Hornbreaker can satisfy just about any palate. Additionally, there is usually a good selection of fruits and vegetables, including mangoes, potatoes, pineapples, bananas, and apples. His most sought-after dish on board is his Caramel Apple Cake, but it is not always guaranteed to be available, as it depends on the available stock.   If all of that is not enough for you, Cooper's Corner also offers an ever-changing taste of musical entertainment. At each port, new local bards seeking a change of scenery will be hired to lend their talents to Captain Turnip for her amusement as well as the amusement of her crewmates and guests. Furthermore, the crew is from all over Valiya, so whenever the ship docks at a location that was previously home to a crewmate, they will often offer to lead small guided tours of the local sights for patrons interested in learning new cultural or historical information. On average, Cooper's Corner remains at each port for three to five days, giving passengers plenty of time to explore the sights and experience the culture of the surrounding areas. Finally, if you choose to tag along for the voyage, life at sea is an exhilarating adventure in and of itself. Weather permitting and as long as the crew is not busy, patrons are free to roam the deck, mingle with the crew, and soak in the stunning sea views. Also, each room available features a sealed porthole so you can fall asleep to the view of a moonlit ocean, as the waves gently rock you into a slumber. Of course, there is always a risk of danger when at sea, but there are no better hands to be in than the very capable ones of Captain Gracey Turnip and her specially selected crewmates.   There is something for everyone at Cooper's Corner. Maybe it's the spectacular food and drinks or the warm hospitality and atmosphere that peaks your interest. Maybe you are drawn in by the rich history of the ship or the opportunity to learn the rich histories of places you've never been to before. Maybe the potential for danger is what brings you in or maybe you've always dreamt of living the pirate life yourself. Whatever the reason, be sure keep a lookout for Cooper's Corner at your nearby port cities, or if you are not the patient type, go out there and find it yourself. You won't be disappointed.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant

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27 Mar, 2022 08:31

This sounds like quite the fun place to visit. The overall atmosphere sounds great and I love the history behind it. I'd probably spend way too long sailing to get away from a boring life lol. What exactly is barnacle braised oranges? That sounds interesting.   Overall it was nice in terms on content. For the future, trying to space things out a bit more and applying some formatting like using headers and such could be useful.

Cullen McNeill
28 Mar, 2022 16:59

Thank you! At first, I just thought barnacle-braised sounded good, but then I was like "what would that actually?" I've decided that it's very similar to regular braising, but it's done over an open pit flame fueled by a barnacle and coal mixture to give the oranges a vaguely briney after taste.   I appreciate the feedback, and I definitely agree I need to work more on presentation. This is my first contest submission and I'm still kind of a newbie with all of World Anvil's features.

28 Mar, 2022 17:13

Ah, the joys of coming up with ideas but not wanting to think of the specifics, hehe. But that sounds like a good explanation.   No worries, we all start somewhere. c : It was still a fun submission nonetheless. The more ya write and even take a look at other's work for potential inspo, the easier it will eventually be. I'm sure your own style will come with time. Welcome to the community~