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Aurorum The Cloud City

The flying city of Aurorum is considered by many to be the greatest city in the world. The cloud city is alive with millions of people that wander Aurorum's grand streets and plazas. It is considered to be far more advanced than the rest of the world as technological advancements are readily available to its citizens courtesy of The All Rune Assembly. The city flies above the clouds protected from the dangers of the rest of the World. Aurorum is the capital of The All Rune Assembly and is greatly protected by fleets of airships and other more subtle protections. Because of its protection the citizens of the Cloud City practice magic more freely. The city separated into five different districts. The Royal District is home to the Griffex and Royal Family who reside in The Palace of Nowhere, the Grand District is home to Aurorum's most wealthy citizens. The Maine District is home to the middle-class of Aurorum and is the biggest out of the five districts. The Skyport District that docks the airships and is home to those who operate them and soldiers of The Horizon Fleet is the smallest district. The 5th district called The Slums is the city's poorest district. Most of it is in decay and its citizens are plagued by crime and diseases. The people who live there are wealthy enough to live in the Cloud City but not wealthy enough to live well, it is the second smallest district. Aurorum is kept aloft by a crystal tree The Gru from the body the dragon Promise


Aurorum is controlled by the all rune assembly to use it as a capital. Citizens of the city have to pay different taxes depending on which district they live in which angers some citizens and pleas others.

Industry & Trade

Aurorum is always filled with trade from all reaches of arazia and Cylon.


Aurorum was designed as a capital during the sundering but it was not built until the days of the noirharh Empire.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
the capital
3.967 million
Owning Organization

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