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The Year is 1370.ND (New Dawn)

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The world of Jukorus is vast in culture and variant in design. filled with travelling tails of monsters, gods and places only dreamt up in stories of wonder and majesty, or tails to scare children into sleep by cynical grandparents. The world takes the stories and religions of old lost to our own world and places it into a D&D setting, with every continent being a glimpse of an old culture of our own world and the old gods that went with it. The world is vast and still being explored and understood in not just this world has to offer but the multiverses surrounding it.   This story takes place within the lands of Valor, a continent based on the question, what happened post Ragnarock, a continent split in two with Valencia the southern portion of the map being home currently to the elves of the fey. Onnin the northern section of Valor is home currently to the dwarves & Giants of Valor. Valor is a Norse and Celtic influenced continent and is home too many Gods and cultures, old and new. with Yggdrasil watching over it, its vines and roots wrap around it protecting its inhabitants but only to be seen by the gods or the worthy.   Valencia is a country split into three kingdoms. To the north the Kingdom of the Risen Sun ruled by the counselling table 'the alliance of the rising sun’, the kingdom of the north itself made up of differing climate's of warm weathers of the islands and hills and extreme colds of the mountains and seas, the kingdom is known for its vast knowledge and use of technology and arcana. To the South of the Kingdom of the Risen Sun within the centre of Valencia lies the Kingdom of Dawn, a vast landscape of beautiful sights, tall mountains and trees coated in beautiful colours of many flowers and trees, the kingdom is ruled by Queen Linnril Xylorin I and is home to some of the best military Valencia has ever seen as well as some of the most rigorous tracking of their people and goods. And to the far south lies the Kingdom of the Blossoming Empire, a kingdom of trade, arts and unpredictable landscapes, ruled by King Dagnir Eladon V, vast rolling hills and dark deep swamps mark the lands of the south.

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