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Tenses Simple Perfect Continuous Perfect Continuous
Past -[C| -[V]tó Ló —[C| —[V]tó -[C]úló | -[V]lóv Tó —[C]úló | —[V]ló
Present -[C| -[V]tú Lú —[C| —[V]tú -[C]úlú | -[V]lú Tú —[C]úlóu | —[V]ló
Future -[C]óu | -[V]tóu Lóu —[C]óu | —[V]tóu -[C]úlóu | -[V]lóu Tóu —[C]úlóu | —[V]lóu


Many of the different landscapes of Valayo are expansive, from the massive forest that spans the Great Divide to the mountain ranges of the frozen north.   This category could also refer to expansive breadth of knowledge, collections, aracane practices, and even the paranormal such as the ancestral planes.


There is much room to discuss leadership: the governing bodies of each nation; laws, customs, and belief systems; other people of authority.   However, leadership of smaller groups, organizations, and movements could also be discussed. This can include the person, as well as their ideas, actions, and philosophies.


Discovery can encompass both recovering the past and inventing something new. From ancient texts to new magic uses, there is plenty to discover in Valayo.


The monsters of Valayo are its people. Some of them, anyhow. Here I'll explore monstrous deeds, nefarious plans, and dangerous groups.
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The nations of Wennovi stand at the brink of war over philosophical and religious beliefs surrounding the nature and origins of magic and its acceptable uses. Tensions mount over everything from trade goods to medical care. And in the midst of all this, an old magic stirs, arising in a woman from the magic-free land of Paltetia. Her magic promises power and damnation to those who can sense its potential.   Power struggles are prominent among the people as well. The nomas of Imbria struggle for greater freedoms and socioeconomic standing in a land that greatly values witches.  

Summer Camp Focus

Eldahi - sage.png
Depending on the prompts, I would really like to flesh out the nation of Eldahi. They have long chosen to stay uninvolved in the feuds between the Magic Freedom Coalition and SETA. However, they may soon find themselves pulled into these affairs due to the aggressive actions of their neighbor, Salaris.
Political Alliances of Imbria: Magic Freedom Coalition & SETA

Leadership of countries

Leadership of organizations

Historic leadership
  • Imbrianus Emporer/s (stub article)


Like the Battle Crown of Necros   Or bones, weapons, etc.

Historical Documents

Spells, Potions, & Magitech

While dragons may not exist in my world outside of legends and folktale, monstrous deeds absolutely do.  
  • Cultists
  • Blood Magic and Necromancy (or misconceptions about each)
  • Mages (historical examples and/or general attitudes and beliefs towards mages)
  • Historical accounts of various conflicts
  • Religious fanaticism - referred to in Silendi River
  • Man-hunting creatures, like Lily
  • Harvesters and their various shenanigans
  • Legends, fairy tales, and other stories
When it all goes up in flames, we'll be the last ones standing
— Ruelle


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Salaris Herald

Imbria's best source of news

Tension in the Band:
Will the Enchanting Mesmers Break Up?

By: Jill Hornbry

Wartime Initiation Approval Ratings

By: Dave Li
Lead singer Tom Caius says, “Draconis is…edgy and moody” and believes Draconis would rather play other music. Tom also confided that the band feels they don’t really know anything about the sulky instrumentalist, that Draconis hides his real name even from them! How much longer will the band be able to abide his secretive, reclusive ways? Are we witnessing the end days of Imbria’s beloved Enchanting Mesmers?
Witnesses describe Draconis's behaviors as erratic, and he is often the last on stage and first to leave, pointing at deeper issues.   This story continues on page 6.
In tomorrow’s article, we'll hear from someone who claims to have had a romantic encounter with Draconis and why their experience left them feeling “shaken.”
A growing number of Salarians approve going to war against Necros and its corrosive influence in Imbria.  
Chart demonstrating 43% of Salaris approves of war, 39% disapprove, and 18% remain undecided
  This shift in public opinion comes on the heels of the

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