Imbrian Sayings

Imbria is a subcontinent with a variety of cultures. It is a land of magic and differing beliefs regarding the use and origins of said magic. As such, there are many idioms and phrases than can be heard throughout the nations of Imbria.  

Religion-based sayings

You'll never find me in that Torva-forsaken place.
— Overheard in a bar in Salaris (mentioned in Blood Fest)
  Religion greatly influences language, even for those who are not believers of the gods. These phrases are used throughout Imbria, even though Torva is the goddess celebrated in Salaris and Torverath and Na'arin is worshipped in Necros, while the Eldahi look to the ancestors for guidance in addition to other gods.  
Phrase Explanation
Torva-forsaken A place or thing that is terrible, unpleasant, or dark
Na'arin's embrace Death
Na'arin take you An exclamation of frustration or exasperation
Ancestors help us
Torva help us/me/you
A plea for guidance; an expression of frustration or annoyance

Magic-based Sayings


Mages vs Witches

Witches and mages once both roamed Wennovi. Generally speaking, mages had access to greater levels of magic while witches could learn a greater variety of magic types. For much of history, mages ruled the lands.   Mages were overthrown during the Great Uprising, during which a growing anti-mage attitude swept through Imbria. Mages were later eradicated by the Witches' Might Group, and fear and hatred of them persist to this day.
For more on the Phoenix Group and more distinctions between mages and witches:

Mage Rising
Myth | Jul 4, 2021

A conspiracy theory about the rise of mages

  As such, many sayings stemmed from the propaganda spread through this era and has persisted to today, including the notion that, "Mage magic is unnatural, attained only through a demonic pact," spread by Reginald Emerson leader of the Witch's Might Group, founder of Arcanis Academy, and prominent figure in the Great Uprising.  
Mage-related sayings
  • Angry as a mage / Evil as a mage
  • Demon spawn / Mage spawn

Other magic-based sayings

Great, another Phoenix
A way to call someone a consipiracy theorist or to critisize someones views as extreme or ridiculous - based on the Phoenix Group, a secret group that believes the Mage Rising myth and communicates their meetings using Rose Petals   Sweating like a Dabbler in Temple
Temple refers to the Temples of Torva where followers worship and study the Divine Teachings. Outlawed in Salaris and Torverath, Dabblers are those who choose to practice all magics, including those forbidden by Torva: blood magic and necromancy.   Hornier than an Illusion Guide
An Illusion Guide is someone who is hired to induce and/or guide someone through a magical high with illusion magic, to heighten sexual encounters, or to otherwise influence party-goers. They are often perceived as magic addicts and sexual deviants.    

Creature-based Sayings

Don't be out too long after dark, or the snow devil will get you
Primarily heard in Necros and Rhovan, this is used to warn children, particularly nomas not to stray too far or stay out too long after dark.   Mean as a snow devil
Snow Devil refers to the Alpine Cat, native to the Northern Mountains.  
Alpine Cat
Species | Dec 1, 2021

A large, fearsome feline predator of the northern mountain ranges

Tough as a magimandus   Like cuddling a magimandus   A magimandus is a fierce mammal coated in hardened, sharp scales useful for both defense and offense. It has long, sharp front claws, sharp canine teeth, the ability to stand on its hind legs to gouge, and the ability to lash out with its tail.  
Magimandus - Magic Eater
Species | Jul 13, 2020

A creature that both hunts and consumes magic.

Glossary of Terms

Divine Goddess of Light and Healing
Necromancer God of the Underworld
Dead relatives of the spirit realm, believed by some to control certain aspects of magic
(n. pl. & sing.) Non-magic person/people
(n. pl. Ancient) Common Magic Lights - one of the few Ancient words well-known in Imbria

Map of Imbria

A world of Magic

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