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Thanafell is a small village on the banks of the Nimmas Lake. In recent years few people visit the town save for those traveling to the Iron Hills  for work or scouting for the Greenfoot Brigade . Thanafell is little more than a small farming village with little wealth and few residence, the people here live quiet lives in a close knit community.


90% Human
5% Elf
3% Halfling
2% Other


The town has no formal government but, is instead controlled by the populace voting on important matters.

Industry & Trade

Fishing and farming


  • Needler's Nook: clothing and sewing supply
  • The Tac n' Barrel: Basic farming and travel supplies
  • Grimly's Goods: general foods
  • The Drowned Maiden: tavern and inn
  • Sailor's Rest: boarding house
  • Magic Maggies: healing and apothecary
  • The Lord's Temple

Guilds and Factions


One of the oldest settlements in Valanis it was once the site of a heroic battle between ,paladin of  The Lord , and the soldiers of Vral. Though she fought well Thana would be killed in the battle despite this she managed to save countless lives by holding back the invading forces. After death when Thana Veldrith became a martyr not only to the followers of The Lord  but, to the nation as a whole pilgrimage to the area became common leading to the building of the small settlement of Thanafell.


The town sits on the banks of Nimmas lake, to the north sits the ragged wood forest, to the east the Iron Hills loom in the distance.
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