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The Republic Doctrine


The Republic Doctrine's purpose was to establish the laws of the Republic. In the document, it described which laws were punishable and who were considered citizens of the Republic. It also stated how the Republic would govern its people. It was established through the doctrine that the Republic would have an executive, legislative, and judicial branch of government. Without this document, the Republic would not have been able to achieve what it has achieved today.   The creation of the Republic Doctrine came to be a few years after the Fracturing. The leaders of the new world got together in the ruins of Krennica and began to converse that the world needed rebuilding. One of these leaders was the first High Sovereign, Vladimir Tyran. Tyran called for a document that would instill the believes of every citizen of Venn and give them the ability to live a decent and healthy life. Without Tyran, the Republic would not have been formed.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The Republic Doctrine is widely accessible across the entirety of the Republic.

Historical Details


The Republic Doctrine defines how the Republic will grow in the coming years. It helped define what the Republic turned into today.

Public Reaction

The public were thrilled at the concept of the Republic. They had just lost their God leadership and they were looking for something to lift them up. The Republic did just that and the people stood beside their new leaders with open arms.


The legacy of the Republic Doctrine has been looked with great respect. When the doctrine was first ratified, it only stated that Krennica and the nine other original cities of the Republic were considered part of the Republic. Since then the Republic Doctrine was amended numerous times over the course of the Second, Third, and Fourth Age to introduce seventeen new cities into the Republic.
Decree, Governmental
Authoring Date
26 FA
Ratification Date
26 FA

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