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The Time of Pleasure

This articles contains +18 NSFW topics. Read if you feel comfortable with this kind of content.

Forbiden but not forgoten

-Sir, we found this in the library inside the castle.
-Burn it all!
-But Sir! These are historical records and artifacts.
-Obscenities! Perversion! That's all it is! BURN IT ALL.
— The Censor before The Great Fire to purify the nation.
by Freepik
Lylla's curse had many consequences, not only because she had cursed King Alane and the people of Valabrad to live miserable existences. Given the sexual relationship they shared, Alane's reputation and the reason for their encounter was scanadalous Lylla's portrait. Sex was also seen as the start of of a road to perdition and dispair.

After the war ended, a group of humans spread around Valabrad the idea sex for pleasure was bad, a path to crime, decadence, and evil. They imposed the belief that it was a sure way to be exposed to magic and possessed by evil mages.

This also meamt that the myth was censored, and many people ignore the whole truth of what happened. King Alane's loving practices were erased. His image already tarnished by his actions after obtaining magic powers from Lylla were further vilified. According to history, he was never a tender partner but a lustful and uncaring pervert. People were eager to stay away from the mages, and they thought renouncing sensual pleasures was one more way to do it, besides killing the mages whenever they got a chance. It has been happening since there, and it only got worse as time passed.


-Would you let me tell you a story?
-Why? and What's about?
-it's my gift to you, for your hospitality. The story is what other humans have been hiding for a century. It's going to take some time.
-Everything with you takes time but is always worth it.
— Ralid and one Arnagh villager.

Many years later after Ralid's arrival at Arnagh, and once they accepted him and swore to protect his secret, he gifted them with more knowledge about the erased parts of Lylla and King Alane's history.

Ralid was already providing intimate services to many of them, but after Arnagh became his sanctuary he levelled up the game.
two hands touching

Ralid shared with the adults in the town all the secrets of Lylla and King Alane other humans tried to erase. He told them about their first encounter, about how the king treated his lovers, his chamber of pleasures and his secret code of gestures. After that, Ralid didn't take much effort to convince them to use this newly discovered knowledge to celebrate a special event every year at the start of spring.

The tradition

-Who are you going to invite this year?
-I have a list!
-What if all of them say yes?
-It's going to be more fun!
— Arnagh villagers getting ready for the festivities.

by Unsplash

The adult villagers perform these practices learned thanks to Ralid once a year in the spring and have fun special moments in the forest. The event is held over the spring because it's one of the few times when Nature is kinder to them. As the prophecy announced Nature will consume everything at the end, they decided to seize the moment while they still could.

There are other reasons for them to choose spring to lose themselves in The Time of Pleasure. For instance, this is the only season where the density of the forest creates secluded places for couples (or even groups if they are very adventurous and friendly). The trees extend their branches as an organic kind of roof to protect the lover from the sun or the rain. Vines and plants grow so much that green walls are a perfect shelter to keep the activities private if the participants desire. Flowers of all colours and grass cover the ground of these green hidden places providing a sweet aroma to the lovers and a soft surface to explore each other bodies with comfort.

Participation in this event is not mandatory. If people prefer to go to the forest in The Time of Pleasure to have a good time by themselves is also allowed and respected.

Those who like to share this time with others ask their partners if they want to participate. If they don't want, they can invite others (if their partners allow it). Those who are single sometimes take the opportunity of the celebration to declare their love, other people just want to have a fun experience.

There are rules for this celebration that everyone must obey.
  • Only adults are allowed in the forest during this time.
  • Consent for participation must be freely given. If a villager tries to force someone on doing something they don't want. They find Nature procures a way to punish them. Or maybe is Ralid. Either way, consent is much more pleasurable.
  • All the participants must keep attending to all their assigned chores. Just because people want to have fun exploring their senses doesn't mean other things are needed to survive. They learned this after some bad experiences that involved no one caring for the animals and crops for a considerable time and its consequences.
  • Only full members of the community are allowed to participate.
  • They don't receive strangers during this time.
  • Cleaning after the activities are finished is a must.
  • It's not a rule, but is considered polite to bring a gift for the partner or partners. also gave them something to drink or eat for the duration of their stay in the green shelter.

The duration of the event is not always the same. There are springs where it lasts a whole month. On other occasions after a week, the green shelters wither away and crumble, or the vines and plants grow so much that it's impossible to enter. It's a harsh reminder, Nature is fickle and won't bend to humans' will. Not even when Nature is feeling kind. Whenever Nature wants can take it all away. Villagers know it well because Ralid taught them.
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Ralid by Hero Forge

Ralid is the proud founder of the tradition. His partner Milo hasn't found out about this celebration, yet. What a surprise he is going to enjoy.
Ralid doesn't allow himself to perform the spell Exchange during the Time of Pleasure. He knows he could draw an extraordinary amount of life energy from the villagers but he doesn't think is fair to do that when everyone is bit intoxicated by spring voluptuosity and ready to share their body. For some reason he fears the power he could obtain. He wonders if Milo could change his mind.

Milo by Hero Forge

During spring the forest produces all kinds of delicious fruits thte villagers take to cook special dish with interesting effects. One of the most popular is a berry pie who has many qualities: enhances sexual energy, shortens refractory period, and its sweet flavour mashes well with other more salty flavours.
Spring is also an excellent season to pick up a plant whose destilation provides a liquid that participants in the the Time of Pleasure can use as a fragance to make themselves more entincing to their lovers, as an oli for massages and lubricant.
One tecnique popularized by Ralid was the art of tying one's partner in a delicate or rough way depending on preferences of the people taking part of the activity and use a different items or body parts to enhance sexual pleasure. Of course, no one is as good as Ralid.
by Unsplash
It does happen from time to time that willing participants can't find a green shelter unocupied. They have a set of choices to make when this happens: celebrate ourdoors if the weathers permits it, come back later or if they feel the inclination share a shelter with other participants. If everyone give their consent fun things can happen.
Ralid always received many invitations to participate in the event. At the beggining he was an active and enthusiast participant, but at time passed he prefered to let the villagers have their fun without him. Ralid realized that Nature needed a hand to keep the villagers in check and he wanted to make sure every rule was obeyed and no one was disrespected.

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