Ricardo's Rolling Stones

"Ah, the face? Is it someone you know?"
Renita Zentalissi, Traveling Merchant
  Ricardo's Rolling Stones were an innumerable collection of spherical rocks with the ability to automatically move towards a specified target. (This article contains minor spoilers for Generation Sunshine)   A peculiar set of items, the Rolling Stones could be found in nearly every corner of Val-mundi. Although the average person would dismiss a stone as little more than a glossy ornament, those of more creative or even malevolent dispositions found them to be quite useful tools. Largely attributed to a man named "Ricardo," despite their clearly hand-made quality, the staggering amount of stones recorded has been the greatest source of skepticism towards the idea that a single person was responsible for their creation.  


Almost all examples of a Rolling Stone were characterized as having been formed out of white marble and polished to a shine. With few exceptions, each Stone was completely featureless save for a magic rune etched into its surface. This rune would shift to form the name of a target, but read as "Ricardo" when a Stone was inactive. A significant trait of this rune was it being understood by any who looked at it, regardless of whether or not if they were able to read it or any other languages.   For the most part, Ricardo's Stones came in a strict range of 22-26"/65-67cm in circumference and weighed around 200lbs/90kg. The substantial weight of each rock confirmed they were closely, if not entirely solid. (A notable deviation came from one Stone found in Drakkanjiu which measured at 10'/3m)
by Tim de Roos


  As semi-automatic devices, the Rolling Stones possessed numerous enchantments which simultaneously allowed them to resist physical deterioration and disregard any distance or barrier.   Too Much Blood: To activate a Rolling Stone, the blood of an individual must seep into the grooves making Ricardo's name, which the rock will proceed to absorb. After a few minutes, the Stone will begin to independently move itself directly towards the blood's source. Regardless of physical distance or method of concealment, such as hiding aloft in a floating structure or using invisibility magic, a Stone with a target will know where they are and pursue them. It should also be noted that the freshness of the blood used didn't seem to matter as the White Room Cultists (an offshoot of the Asporaso Church) of Aelayeron would use samples dried in cloth for assassinations.   Can't Be Seen: Likely their strangest property, the Stones were known to be undetectable until in close proximity to their target. No account would ever mention seeing, hearing, or otherwise noticing a Stone's approach; the target and those around them would suddenly realize that a large rock had been sitting motionless in their vicinity. It seemed to only be after such a revelation that a Stone would then approach the target.   (An additional note: any modern attempts to document travel time and pathing of a Rolling Stone have yielded inconsistent results and heavily suggests that the Stones can somehow distort physical space. This would explain their ability to show up even in areas normally inaccessible such as floating temples or sealed bunkers)   Break The Spell: On top of their physical durability as objects of solid rock, the Rolling Stones were also resistant to all forms of magic. It should be noted that magical energy was not deflected but instead absorbed by the items. This has been theorized to be the result of Ricardo craftily enchanting his Stones to both have a readily available source of energy and a secondary layer of defense.   (It should also be noted that this absorption of magical energy gave the Stones an additional ability in that they could essentially, although slowly, penetrate solid walls of force by more-or-less "eating" a hole through them)  


  Given the large potential their abilities held, the Rolling Stones were used from everything to long-distance communication to search-and-rescue operations.   Renita Zentalissi: In their search for "The Invisible Man" of Pelaflor City, the Canponti Champions would acquire a Stone from Merchant Renita before her death at the hands of the aforementioned serial killer.   Dr. Heart: Dr. Heart of Landesterne was known for using the Stones for traps in which the target would be stalked by one or more of the items that had somehow become the host for a spell at Heart's choosing. Heart was partial towards non-lethal effects so as to collect his victims for experimentation.   Soliandel Monarchy: Given the Stones were said to originate from the nation, Soliandel and its Monarchy not only had a seemingly endless supply, but varieties unseen anywhere else. A particularly special Stone was covered in a golden and decorative array of carved foliage and used by the royalty to formally summon individuals from throughout the realms; a great honor by many to even witness the object.

Namesake: The Rolling Stones (Band). Ricardo (Grandpa).
Leitmotif: "Wild Horses"  
Item type
Approximately 18lbs./16kg
8"/20.32cm in Diameter
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
White Marble

Cover image: by Awsm Chimera


Author's Notes

Hope ya like this one. If you're wondering, Ricardo's my Grandpa.

  • Awsm Chimera
  •   Special thanks to Tim, who drew that sweet image of a Rolling Stone. You can find more of his work over at The Sea of Starlight.

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    15 Oct, 2021 12:03

    Hello! Just wanted to say I absolutely love this concept. It works very well in either horrific or comedic settings, and is pretty easy to visualize. The cover artwork is pretty neat as well. Well done!

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    Thank you so much Pouaseuille; that makes me so happy to hear. The item was initially crafted as a sort of analog to how stuff like tracking equipment to a monster would show it approaching someone. My pal using it as a direct source of fear (from stuff like the threat of fire-blasts) surprised me as he isn't too big on horror, which I found rad.