Miminalaya Veldstan Hanahokama Uriel Xena Estrellena Abbachia: Dealer of Justice

The Eleventh Card (a.k.a. Mimi)

"'Cheating?' Is it unfair in a battle for one side to use better swords? Gambling, romance, war: they're all the same! Only the losers whine about stuff like that!"
  Miminalaya Veldstan Hanahokama Uriel Xena Estrellena Abbachia was a girl from Tosenza, Aelayeron and one of the 22 Chosen by The Adjudicator of legend to participate in the 1499 Gathering Flowers Event.   A traveling purveyor of the strange and magical, Mimi would be found in various locations of Aelayeron in search of items she deemed interesting and attempting to sell her wares wherever possible. Despite the country preparing for the Gathering of Roses and eventually engaging in near-total war, Mimi would continue her travels, skirting the edges of conflict and seemingly unaware of the turmoil around her.   Mimi was designated as "The Eleventh Card" during the 1499 Gathering of Flowers Event and represented Justice of The Major Arcana.  


Mimi was a young girl of diminutive stature and plump physique, though displayed an athleticism her looks belied. While her physical feats were by no means superhuman, it was nonetheless surprising for some to see Mimi able to suddenly sprint away or hoist a sack of grain nearly as large as herself. Despite possessing a number of features that were considered "cute" such as her cherub-like face, Mimi's voice was often a source of irritation for many due to it's raspy, warbling and squeaky quality.   The most obvious characteristic of Mimi were the numerous octopus-like tentacles that took the place of hair on her head. These growths mostly remained pointing away from her face as a shade of deep red, but would change in both color, position and texture depending on Mimi's physical or mental state. Despite the feature being unique to her, Mimi attested she was completely human and found it insulting if suggested otherwise.   Throughout Generation Sunshine Mimi's attire would go through several alterations, such as switching from shorts to pants during the Autumn, but would otherwise remain characterized by three accessories.  
  • A white frilled coat with fur trimming. Mimi said her great grandfather stole this from "The Witch of the Sky." She said the item helped her sneak around, but the validity of this is dubious given how often Mimi would be caught attempting to enter areas she had no access to.
  • An anchor-shaped earring. If Mimi's uncle was to be believed, this accessory brought good fortune towards her.
  • A green handkerchief bearing the crest of the Abbachia family: a stylized depiction of the letters "ABBA" where the two center letters formed the wings of a butterfly. Mimi would keep this tied as a head-band, occasionally switching between fully and partially wrapping her head.


Spunky, optimistic and with a passion for business, Mimi was considered quite radical in her hometown by her own account. Rather than settle for a quiet life, she opted to hitch a wagon behind her giant snail "Tankya" and take to the roads: finding and selling "wonderous items" to whomever would buy.   Despite being one of the twenty-two individuals chosen for the 1499 Gathering of Roses, Mimi was largely unaware of the event or her place in it. Even after being explained of the competition, Mimi would make no plans to attend, deeming it a "waste of time."   Although not a malicious person, Mimi would be aggressive and even confrontational: going so far as to attempt to start a fight with Lord Keshet O'Kagida due to the assumption he was purposely making it rain over her wagon. She also had a vindictive side and wished to repay any wrongdoing towards her; notably using the physical manifestation of her ability "Justice" to heavily damage a cart full of cabbages belonging to an elderly man who stole her spot in a street market. To a far lesser extent, Mimi's more negative characteristics came in the form of pranks. After discovering Justice was invisible to most people, she would frequently use them to create mischief such as tying the laces of shoes together or moving chairs slightly before an unfortunate victim was about to sit.   Mimi would also display a sense of morality and honor: being a great deal hospitable and even selfless at times. She would regularly be seen making food for vagrants out of her wagon as she set up shops around the country, stating that "Being hungry's the worst."   In regards to other hobbies or personal interests, if Mimi wasn't looking for strange treasures she would peruse Aelayeron for all sorts of new and interesting forms of food. Mimi in particular had a sweet tooth which helped form a friendship between her and Baahze Yar'Ghul.  


Mimi would play a minor role during the events of Generation Sunshine but would be noted as a consistent source of specialized equipment to the Champions of Four. Aside from them, Mimi would make a number of other acquaintances over the course of the 1499 Gathering of Roses and the years to follow.  
  • Tankya: Mimi's trusted steed and best friend, Tankya was a common variety of Giant Aelayeron Snail and pulled Mimi's wagon around the countryside.
  • The Canponti Champions: Mimi would meet up with this group quite frequently throughout 1499 and eventually begin following them after the arrival of Lady Elo to Aelayeron.
  • Aoife Van Halen: Aoife would initially meet Mimi after the former was transformed into a child by the creature known as The Chordette. Though brief, their time together would have an effect on Aoife as after she runs away from the Canponti Monastery, she ends up seeking and eventually traveling with Mimi. After the events of Generation Sunshine, it's presumed the two continue traveling, as Mimi mentions wanting to see if the place called Lanataria was real. Even after reverting to her proper age, Aoife has a habit of referring to Mimi as "Sissy."
  • Justice: Mimi's Tarot Card ability seemed to have a consciousness of its own. On occasion, it could be seen speaking with her as she likely found the constant traveling lonely. When speaking with others, it was said to have possessed a male voice, one of politeness, but terse in its mannerisms.


Lucky Intuition

Mimi possessed a knack for guessing, whether that be the roll of dice, cards of an opponent's hand or the intentions of others. This skill is the culmination of years of playing games and studying the habits of people and would serve her well considering how often she gambled to make end's meet or acquire something particularly desirable.  

Iron Stomach

Mimi could eat nearly anything without any issue.  

The Impartial Justice

"This isn't a battle; you're being punished."
  Mimi was unique in that her Tarot Card did not manifest as an ability directly connected to her, but as a phantasmal, humanoid entity. This being, referred to by both Mimi and itself as "Justice" would appear to those around Mimi who would knowingly violate debts, oaths or other such rules, especially towards Mimi. Although when summoned normally, Justice was no physically stronger than Mimi herself and could be dispatched by damaging it or Mimi enough to cause her to be unable to manifest it. However, it was in the act of punishing those who sought to break rules where Justice's power truly shone: suddenly able to catch a punch from a seasoned warrior, block a volley of arrows or rip apart steel in order to make sure "all debts are paid." Probably Justice's most terrifying aspect is that once it senses a violation of the rules, it is intangible to those who seek to stop it, stating "I am the shadow of the soul. To deny me is to deny the self."   Justice would have the target in debt pay up through such methods as forcibly removing items of value off them like money, jewelry or weapons. If needed, it could even rip out false teeth or eyes if such items were of any monetary worth. Justice would not be able to take things if they didn't belong to the person in question such as stolen money. This has led many to assume Justice was able to somehow read the thoughts of targeted individuals, though Mimi didn't seem to share this knowledge with the entity. If the target could coerce the source of their debt to alter the deal, Justice would abide by these changes; a notable example being when a woman was able to keep her ring in exchange to making Mimi a large sum of food.
Namesake: ABBA (Band)
Leitmotif: "Thank You For the Music"
Date of Birth
March 6th, 1477
Dark brown, wide
Red octopus-like tentacles
Skin Tone
Light Peach
11C - Justice.png
by Awsm Chimera
11B - Justice.png
by Awsm Chimera


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