Bubbie Shangri: Everyone's Grandmother

"Aw, [Bubbie]; I wish you wouldn’t worry so much."
  Bubbie Shangri was a minor Aelish deity and daughter of the major deity Barossa. She was revered as a guardian of children and represented the comforts of family and home. (This article contains major spoilers for Generation Sunshine)   Asporaso lore stated that, as were the rest of Barossa's divine children, Bubbie Shangri was left to fend for herself in the Aelish wilderness after her birth. Staying along the coasts of Ouratki, she would wander the shores of black sand until a Lillin woman took her in. Unfortunately, major gaps in the Asporaso texts left most of Bubbie's life a mystery as she wasn't spoken of all that much in the proper faith to begin with.  


In terms of physical appearance, the Minor Deity could be described as an anthropomorphic frog, her dark black hair in two distinct buns directly behind her yellow eyes. (Curiously, Bubbie’s eyes have been the only documented instance of a Minor Aelish Deity whose scelera weren’t black, but yellow) In terms of attire, she was only ever mentioned wearing a “white cloak over waterproof overalls.” Bubbie was also said to be the smallest of the Aelayeron Deities. At only 2’2/0.6m, she would be nearly impossible to notice in the forests of the Ouratki Province if it weren’t for her halo.   Unlike her siblings or cousins, Bubbie’s halo seemed to be a physical object rather than a light-source. Floating directly behind her, it was described as a flat ring of dull brass which slowly rotated. Affixed to the ring were various musical notes which most believed to be the unknown melody she would sing to the Lanatarian Aurora whenever it would appear closest over the Aelish Sea. In addition to being a tangible item, Bubbie’s halo was noted as appearing “damaged” in that not only was a large section of it missing, but bits and pieces had fallen off. (Although there are numerous theories as the the cause of this damage and whether it connected to Bubbie’s inability to remember things, definitive evidence has yet to be uncovered)  


Despite much of her activities being unknown, nearly any surviving documentation paints a comforting depiction of Bubbie Shangri. Numerous stories from small villages across Ouratki speak of chance encounters with a watchful being protecting children from harm such as deterring them from a bridge just before it would collapse or warding off wild beasts. Unfortunately, only a handful of accounts actually state direct interaction with her, but she’s been consistently described as “akin to a relative who may be forgetful yet possesses infinite wisdom.”   Bubbie has been recorded as not possessing the ability to speak any known language, yet was understood by those she directly spoke to. Her speech was described as a “strange mixture between a warbling and chirping noise.”  


What little is known about Bubbie survives in the form of superstitions and folk-stories told by the Aelish, with the occasional mention in the Apsoraso text.   Bubbie's damaged halo is never mentioned in the Asporaso Bible, but many have theorized the injury to likely be the result of some conflict she had with Daeva Lumon. Given Daeva's habit of preying on the smaller forms of humanity, children included, it would make sense as to the two eventually coming to blows.   After Aelayeron erupted into war at the beginning of the 16th Century, no mention of Bubbie Shangri has since been recorded. It is to be presumed she, as others of the Aelish Divinity who survived the conflicts of the era, simply went into hiding if not outright left the country. The Iconaverts of Breen were thorough in their documentation of which deities they killed in their campaign of deicide.  


Though smaller a being than most, Bubbie was nonetheless a minor deity and possessed traits befitting of one. Aside from the standards of eternal life and health, she had two abilities unique to herself.  
  • Pacifying Aura: Most humans who would encounter Bubbie believed her to be their grandmother, auntie, or to have some sort of familiar relationship with her. Additionally, this effect extended to animals as Bubbie was known to frequently be in the company of everything from rabbits to a large serpent.
  • Purse of the Infinite: Bubbie's purse, though plain in design, held what seemed to be an infinite amount of space within as she would produce any number of odd items from it. (Notable instances of its use describe items such as a wand that produced bubbles, a miniature oven in-use to bake a turkey, a bag of marbles, and a live horse, to name a few)
Namesake/Leitmotif: "Shangri-La" by The Electric Light Orchestra
Approximately 35lbs./15.87kg

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Author's Notes

Special thanks to Vox Tetra and dawn-giant-dragon for contributing lore towards this character. (You should go and check out their work, yo)   Heya! I made Bubbie in part because I wanted something more positive in Val-mundi and because I missed my grandmothers. (A feeling I'm sure many of us can relate to) Why not let this be a reminder to take a moment and tell your family you love them?  

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