Types of Mana

These are the four types of Mana that exist.  

Pure Mana

  Pure Mana is the second strongest form of mana, but it cannot be easily used or harvested, as it resides within the Soul. Pure Mana can be harvested by stealing souls, or by capturing an airborne soul, and putting it into a Soul Gem. Pure Mana will taint and turn into regular Raw Mana if left into the Mana Stream for too long.   If one loses all the Pure Mana in their soul, or lose the soul entirely, they will degrade into a Hollow.  

Raw Mana

  The raw form of mana, Raw Mana is probably the weakest form of mana, but easily gathered and stored. By basic meditations, you can absorb the Raw mana from plants, animals, or the air. Or, a faster method is using Draining magic, to drain Raw Mana from other living, lesser creatures. Stealing Mana from another person, or greater being, requires powerful spells, and you can only drain from their Mana Pool, not their Pure Mana or Soul.   Raw Mana is what is used to cast most spells, and is stored within a person's Mana Pool. If a person's Mana Pool becomes fuller than it can handle, the user's heart can explode from the stress. If it becomes empty, they user will lack the ability to cast magic, and will need to meditate.  

Black Mana

  Black Mana is either Raw or Pure Mana that has been corrupted by Black Magic or Corruption. If a User preforms Dark Occult rituals, or Black Magic spells, their mana will get corrupted.   If corrupted, Users can start to appear sickly or drained the longer they are corrupted. Their veins can start showing black, and their skin will turn pale. Their magic will turn black and eventually they'll only be able to preform Black Magic or Rituals, and regular magic will fail to work. When they die, their Black Soul will turn into a Corrotaev .  

Divine Mana

  The strongest form of Mana, and only ever made by the Divine beings. Divine Mana is used to preform Divine Magic, and has some of the most powerful spells. Divine Mana cannot be drained or harvested by one person safely, needing many vessels to flow it into, preferably people.   Divine Mana can be used to create Holy Light or Holy Water, the only element capable of destroying corruption, and purifying Black Souls.


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