Matter-Eater Primal Spectra

Spectra, the Matter-Eater Primal. Spectra is one of the many Primals made by Salcondoran, to keep spread the elements across the universe. When the Primals all revolted, Spectra had the goal of consuming everything in the Universe.     Due to being considered one of the most powerful Primals there is, Kiyomi had to utilize her full power and banish him to Limbo, to ensure he never escapes.    

Eating memories

Whenever Spectra eats a living entity, all memory and presence of them is erased. Written documents or photos of them are obscured or altered. Events or actions caused by the person stay the same, but nobody would remember who did them.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A curled multi-colored eel

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Spectra's divine goal was to consume the Universe.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Spectra's body consists of multiple detached snake-like body parts, each segment separated by a large rainbow colored ring. Multiple of the segments have large dorsal fins on them, to aid in flying.   Spectra has multiple large rainbow-feathered wings along his head, torso, and tail.   He has no eyebrows.

Body Features

White feathers along his body, except for the rainbow-colored feathers on his wings, Large dorsal fins with rainbow-colored webbing   His tail has a smaller face, with a large eye and mouth.

Facial Features

He has a clown-like face, with large yellow eyes and a big red clown nose. He has a large gaping mouth with many different types of huge, jagged, and red teeth.   His pupils form triangular patterns.

Identifying Characteristics

He has a large red nose with a stripe going from the top of his nose, to the top of his head, which extends off into a fin.

Special abilities

Spectra has the ability to consume anything it can get to. It's mouth works similarly to a black hole, and will completely obliterate anything he consumes.   If he consumes a living creature, however, the creature is removed from the timeline entirely.

Divine Classification
Year of Birth
-13000 (13722 years old)
Yellowish beady eyes, with a triangular pattern for his pupils.


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