Space Primal Astraea

Astraea, the Space Primal. Astraea is one of the many Primals made by Salcondoran, to bring the stars. Astraea was a large feathery dragon that would fly across space, its feathers mimicking the glow of the stars.   It can speak to people via moonlight, but chooses only to do so for a certain few.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Astraea's feathers would project the appearance of space. A fallen feather can be worth tons.   It appeared as in the shape of a feathered dragon.

Body Features

Black space-like feathers along its body, with a body similar to a dragon.

Facial Features

Large stars and a giant nebula as its eyes.

Special abilities

Astraea has the ability to travel to any point in space in very short time. It can alter the positions of planets or stars, and create black holes.

Divine Classification
Year of Birth
12530 BK 13252 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Created by God
Large multi-colored nebula eyes


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