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In a realm where ancient powers and outside forces determine the fate of every man, there exists a world in perfect chaos. The settlements of this world quarrel endlessly over matters of morality, science, politics, and even love. Entire civilizations are built on close-minded ideologies and their neighbors are hardly ever cordial. Kingdoms strengthen their armies as cults conspire to cripple them from within.   And when ancient evils begin to rear their ugly heads and foreign entities return to reap what they've sown, the defenders of Vaeterra must choose what differences need to be put aside to find what strengths lie in their diversity. Alliances will be formed and traitors will be exposed as the lines between good and evil become increasingly vague.   This campaign tests the morals and philosophies of its players against the binary nature of the universe and questions the validity and meaning of concepts such as truth, reality, justice, faith, and humanity. Precedents are set only to be broken and resolute knowledge is hidden and safeguarded. Players are encouraged to question everything as nothing is concrete and the rules are constantly adapting to a world that evolves with the players. This world is plagued with illusion and the heroes will need to ask the right questions and apply the proper insurances to see through the veil.

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The Rise of Vaeterra

Pathfinder 1e

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