Vaelrin's Twilight

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From the depths of history comes a new land. Vaelrin is the name of the continent the dragons raised out of nothingness; a small pocket dimension meant to be their ideal new home.   They were not left alone for long.   Welcome to Vaelrin's Twilight, a high-fantasy Conan Exiles server. Play one of the humanoids that bravely trespasses on the mythical, draconic territories. Discover cultists skulking behind corners, battle monsters and aggressive wildlife, or farm and craft in peaceful slice-of-life roleplay.   This world's lore is built entirely from scratch, drawing inspiration from a number of high-fantasy sources. Choose your Origin (the country you're from or allied to), your Race and Subrace, and Class, as well as with what element your magical talent lies.   Enjoy a fully functional dice system at launch, based on the d20 system.