Taenaran (TAY-nehr-an)

The Taenaran have a history of being proficient spellcasters nearly as prestigious as the their Khyrmin kin, and there was a notable population of the dark elves within the fallen elven kingdom of Elassor. As the Khyrmin began to delve into dangerous magics, one of the leading Taenaran magi, Kien, very publically warned them against continuing further into that research. Unable to prevent the magi from their plans, Kien eventually left the city, taking his clan with him. A number of other prominent Taenaran clans quickly followed suit, leading to a small migration.   When Elassor fell into magical ruin and the Khyrmin clans were decimated, the flight of the Taenaran became the subject of angry rumour and conspiracy. As the centuries progressed following the incident and rumours grew, the Taenaran were seen as at best cowards, and at worst having had an active hand in the magic going awry. Fleeing their increasingly agitated Khyrmin kin, the Taenaran fled west across the plains, finding no refuge with the magic-suspicious Armagh, they eventually began to settle within the more sparsely populated Taean lands.   The Taean, so far removed from Elassor and secretly pleased with the idea of being able to draw on magic-rich elves, accepted them into both the state and society; their darker skin was considered a lucky omen, and the Taenaran began to integrate; they remain one of the most widely integrated non-human populations and rarely have villages which are predominantly their own kind. While still just a fraction of the overall Taean population, they are far more often seen in villages and towns than many of their kin, especially the Luirlan.  


  Taenaran can come in any color under the rainbow, but their moniker ‘dark elves’ comes from their skin which can have undertones of grey or violet no matter how light or dark they might be. (Height: 0.9-1.04)   Taenaran are the longest lived of all the elves. They do not reach maturity until the age of two hundred, and rarely pass from natural causes before the age of a thousand. Due to lingering issues surrounding the fall of Elassor, they tend to have heightened tension with their Khyrmin kin, and occasionally Hamlin humans as a large population of Khyrmin reside there and have culturally shifted some of their distrust. They stand 162cm - 187.2cm in height.   Taenaran CRNC: 5 Strength, 5 Agility   RPR Stats: 2 Dexterity, 1 Strength


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