The lone wanderer

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Ademal, God of Revenge and Sorrow
(a.k.a. Bandit's Bane, He who could not leave)

I was alone that night, my little Jade had a cold and I wandered into the forest to gather herbs for her. It was a very clear night with a bright full moon so the night was beautiful albeit very cold one.
I had found a niluvien so I started to go back home to make the extract. That's when I see it.
A young looking man playing the flute, a very nice silver flute with a warm and soft sound, like a calm whisper. He was sat on the side of the cliff, is feet in the void, playing to the moon like you'd play to your love.
The tune was calm and soothing but I feel very sad for him. After a while, the song stopped and I called for him. Asking him his name and if he was alone. "I have ..." he said, and added after a pause " name anymore and I'm in fact alone. May I ask you the same ?". "My name is Marie" I said and I dared to add "Maybe I can help you..."
The man started to laugh loudly and started to raise himself up.
"My dear child I fear no one can..." he answered, and that's when I 've seen it...
His eyes, they were glowing blue like small flames, and he was translucent like I could see the moon through is skin.
I was petrified, he smiled softly and said "you don't need to fear me... I'm not dangerous for you"
The way he said that chilled me to the bone and I started to walk again. "Goodnight to you sir but you should take care the forest is full of bandit and worst even," I said behind my back.
I heard him reply "I know dear, I know..." before turning to go home.
As soon as I was out of view I started to run for my life as fast as I can.

The next day the hunters found them. The bandits, they have been attacked and killed by something. The only one still alive spent his last 4 hours babbling about how "the blue beast" had eaten his mates...
No one knew what kind of monster can leave such traces and leave a half-eaten, half frozen corpse behind.
but I knew it was him...
  Not much is known about the ghost known as the lone wanderer. He his notably benevolent toward civilized people and young women, in particular, going as far as putting himself in harms way to protect people from bandits. He his known to interact with humanoids and his usually rather friendly toward strangers. he does not seem to mind appearing in the sun and light doesn't seem to affect him in any way
None the less most of the reported sighting of the entity occurred during a cold winter night, and many camps of bandits razed by an unexplained fury of sharp teeth and cold wind during such nights have been attributed to his doing.
The process by which such a small creature can produce that amount of destruction is currently unknown but magic power seem the obvious explanation.

His hatred of bandits and willingness to protect civilians as made him quite known around the realms. Some even started to rever him as a pagan spirit or god.
Yet his appearances don't seem motivated by any amount of prayers or curses. He appears seemingly at random in bandits ridden country and leaves as soon as the deed is done.

Many woodsmen have heard his tune and the sound of his silver flute usually strike fear in the heart of the most hardened bandit.


First sight

None is clearly known about the birth of the lone wanderer.
The first sighting took place near Midgäarth around the year 463.
Many people think he was involved in the event that has taken place in the town the year before, some (mostly partisans of the different church revering him) going as far as saying he was one of the greats archivists.
While the centuries have erased any kind of formal link between him and the legendary quatuor, this was a popular idea at the time according to books found in Midgäarth library.


Even if he his called Bandit's Bane, his physical appearance isn't very threatening. He looks for the most part like a 16 years old boy with absurdly long hairs and ice blue eyes.
He looks strong for his age if even a bit slender. He wears a long wool midnight blue cape, a white shirt, red trousers and heavy leather marching boots.
He usually carries around a tall marching stick engraved with silver runes and carry a silver traverse flute usually on his chest. He also sometimes carry a very ornate rapier with a silver and sapphire guard
He his somewhat translucent, in particular to moon rays. It is believed that's the reason why he always shrouds himself in his cape in order to avoid detection.
The lone wanderer is often identified by the song he plays whenever he has the time.
While the tune seems rather innocent, the way he plays it feels the heart of the audience with sorrow and melancholy. .
This tune seems to have no defined end and some reports suggest that he can play for hours at a time..

Rise and fall of the lone wanderer

While the following is worth reading it's a MAJOR spoiler for any of my players or would be players.
It's also very dark
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The rise of the Great Archivists

The Great Archivists are a group formed by Ulfric IronHand, his wife ilïana Vaärstad, her sister Sylène Vaärstad and Ulfric best friend and Sylène husband Ademal.
While they were as different as one can be, Ulfric being a massive dwarf and Ademal being a somewhat Frail young Elve, they grew up together and were inseparable.
The two were very gifted Alchemist and use to train very hard at the Midgäarth Academy of magic arts, While Ulfric was always the strongest of the two due to his incredible stamina, Ademal calm and focus was key in staying the wisest.
After their respective 120th birthday, they decide to go on a quest to find some odd book about an ancient form of Alchemy susceptible to transform matter into raw magic energy.
How and where they discovered the existence and whereabouts of this book is a mystery to this day...
After years of adventuring, they came to find a divine gate at the bottom of a deep mountain lake, sealed with the sigil of Ao containing the book they sought.
They immediately started to try every trick in the book and a good amount of new one to try to open it, sadly to no avail. After nearly a month of trying they thought they were defeat and started to lay on the side of the lake in despair.
Unknown to them was the distant chatter of two creature, ilïana and her sister, both born from the lake. They were incarnations of the lake spirit infused from the past millennia by the power of Ao seal. It is not known to mortal if Ao was aware of the odd circumstances and if he knew at the time that his seal had such power.
Still, they were. And more so they were curious about the strange duo rummaging in their lake for the best part of the last month. They decided to go talk to them and see what they were up to.
In the early hours of the morning, the quatuor had opened the seal and salvaged the book and the Great Archivists as a group where formed.
  The next fifteen years were some of the gloriest in history books, the quatuor defeated the lich king of the east, sealed the dragon passe and have acquired one of the largest book collection of all time.
The Emperor grew found of them and gifted them his Midgäarth castle to store the impressive collection. Midgäarth soon became a magic arts hub with wizards from all the continents coming to use the library and seek counsel from the quatuor.
Sylène and her sisters started to use their magic power to create a stream of water flowing through Midgäarth, bringing much-needed water and cold air to the underground city.
Ulfric and Ademal built massive machines and alchemic engine of epic proportion to help build and renovate Midgäarth.
Alas, such glorious days aren't meant to last...

The fall

One day something strange happened, bandits where spotted near Midgäarth. While it was not an unseen occurrence everybody in the country if not in the empire new that The Great Archivists were ruling over Midgäarth and that establishing a bandit camp at a literal stone throw of the strongest fortress of the continent was rather imprudent.
Strangely these thieves seemed rather confident in the fact that no one would dare to protest, going as far as openly making camp and de facto sieging the fortress by raiding its supply lane.
As soon as the word spread to Midgäarth that the road wasn't safe anymore, ilïana took upon herself to go clean the forest.
She took a pack of solid guards and run the road with horn and flags. She arrived to the camp at dusk and lay hell on the poor souls assembled here. In all the assault took less than a minute.
When the dust cleared the bandits camp was in ruins and the leaders were in chains. Ilïana brought them back to Midgäarth in order to have them judged.
After they were shortly sentenced to banishment in the dragon path and the sentence ha been carried out, the peace can again to Midgäarth.
Or so it seemed...

After a while the three others noticed a curious change in Ilïana. She grew hard and strong, she became taciturn and started to be prompt to wrath, even against Ulfric.
Sylène was the most worried, her sister had always been the kind one in the past and such a short temper was more in place for her than her sister. She started to investigate and sound found what was the problem.
While the bandits hadn't been a problem to beat, Sylène found on the site a very peculiar thing, the remnant of an old book wrote by Aldinach herself. The book while old and damaged spoke about a powerful spell, corrupting the purest of spirit.
She runs back to the fortress and rush to her sister to tell her of her finding.
Not much is known about what happened between the two but the dispute quickly escalated to an all-out magic war between the two goddesses. While Sylène was the usually the strongest one the combined power of both Aldinach and her sister proved to be unbearable. She loosed ground quickly and when Ademal arrived in the room the last things he heard was his wife saying gently to him " I'm sorry " before the wave of magic engulfed her.
She exploded in small shards of pure magic crystal and got dispersed through space and plans in a shower sparkling tears.
Ulfric upon arriving found his wife laughing loudly at the look of defeat on Ademal face. Ulfric seeing the room covered in demonic symbol and realizing the horror of the scene erupted in rage, he drew his sword and attacked his own wife with the ferocity of a dying dragon.
The combat was of ferocious and somber, Ademal and Ulfric fought for days trying to contain the demon and banish him from the body of their friend, running from plane to plane using, spell forbidden to mere mortals and using all their knowledge to try to clear the mind of Ilïana but nothing worked.
On the eve of the 4th day of battle while resting under Ademal magic shield, Ulfric look at his life. His friend just lost his wife, his town was nearly razed by the fight and countless life had been wasted including the brave guards and mortals who rushed to help knowing they wont come back and most of all he look at Aldinach. Nothing was left of the girl he loved, nothing was left of his wife, nothing was left of his love.
So he took the resolve to do the unthinkable, kill his own wife.
Ademal wasn't hard to convince, he loved Ilïana nearly as much as Ulfric, but the shard in his thorax was a painful reminder of the abominable fate of his wife and his grieve turned to rage quickly.

Ademal and Ulfric devised a plan, they would convert as much as they needed to create a magic force strong enough to overload Aldinach mind, killing her in the process.
So they gather every last bit of their power to build the most powerful exchange they ever used and turned it to Aldinach. The demon princess was delighted by such power and started to feast on it without ever thinking of it.
The plan worked and when Ulfric and Ademal let go of their mind the world word become dark and void. The formidable power deployed broke the demon mind and both her and her captive soul where wiped clean of the surface of the earth.

Sadly all wasn't good, Ademal and Ulfric had both choose to let themselves be taken by the exchange and they both loosed something of great value.
Ademal had lost is physical form and body, the only thing that was left of him was a remnant of his younger self, a ghost kept alive by the power of the shard. he quickly realise that his new form had a massive interest however as he was awaken by the sound of his wife singing in his head. Being both alive and dead he was able to hear here from the shard.
What Ulfric had lost was even pricier. Now devoid of a soul he was as unable to die than his friend was truly unable to live. In the event of a physical death, all of what had constituted him would be forever lost and no amount of magic or alchemy would bring him back.
Both also lost most of their powers, still being of formidable puissance but nowhere near their former glory.
They decided that even they still do love each other, it was time for them to grew apart, at least for the time of grief, so Ademal took the roads while Ulfric stayed to built back Midgä

Upon realising that he can bring his wife back if he gathered enough crystal Ademal set himself on a quest to found them all...



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The lone wanderer

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