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Thieves Guild (Name under construction)

Spread across the Andrestian Empire, the Thieve's Guild is an underground network of Rogues.  

What do they do?

  The Thieve's Guild do a variety of jobs from simple pick-pocketing to huge heists on noble family estates. Some who are considered acceptably skilled assassins join an elite group called The Brotherhood (Name under Construction).  

How are members identified?

  Rogues are identified by intricate inked designs called Shadow Marks (Name under Construction). Other possible identifiers by a feathered earring on the left ear.  

How does a Rogue communicate about job details without having others know?

  Rogues have their own secret language called Thief's Cant. Secret markings are put up across the Empire to inform of rogues of many things such as what would be a good place to loot, where to avoid, where to sell stolen goods, or a safe-house (a house that is a designated base of operations in the town/city to find information or work).


Guild Master   The Guild Master is the mastermind of the guild. They are also considered the most trusted and skilled Rogue out of the rest. They plan and decide on what places are considered valuable to hit and plan heists. The main job that the Guild Master consistently does is to make sure all members get rewarded fairly for the work they do. However if a Guild Master shows continuous signs of failing to make profit for the guild or risk multiple members lives, a gathering of members happen and they put a vote to impeach the current Guild Master and find a better replacement.   Master of Coin   A Master of Coin manages the guilds treasury. They are responsible of distributing the bounty reward to job takers and fairly split heist findings. They also calculate on how much to bribe guards to turn a blind eye, purchase any equipment for heists, or simply to buy supplies to feed members.   Master of Whispers   The Master of Whispers is the one of information. They send out scouts for various information such as any priceless artifacts or other valuables¬† that nobles have purchased, who enters or leaves cities that a safe-house is in, or debts that people may have made with the guild.   Master of Shadows   The Master of Shadows collects assassination contracts and distributes ones he considered reasonable, aside from their non-profitable assassinations, to other assassins. The other part of their job is executing any threats to the guild.
Guild, Thieves

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