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Lokelanian Rose

Written by sbsteele

The Lokelanian Rose is as rare as it is beautiful. It's used in all kinds of places, from alchemy and potions, to herbal teas, to medicines and food. However, it only blooms every one hundred years, so to see it is a special treat.
— Elysia Frostweaver, Lightbringer
To see a Lokelanian Rose is such a unique experience that most do not get the chance to see in their lifetime. It is a very rare, exotic flower, only blooming in the heart of Winter on the island of Lokelani, located far to the North. It is so rare that the Elders of Fu'atha Village control where the blossoms go when they do bloom. While this hasn't started any wars yet, there is always that threat looming on the horizon.   While the rose itself is beautiful, with its vibrant blue petals and crystalline stems, its taste is bitter. It works well as medicine, and is known to treat and cure almost every illness except one called Deepset Madness. Mixed with a sweetener, it makes a delicious tea that helps the drinker sleep, though it can cause vivid dreams.

Basic Information


It looks much like a rose except the appearance mimics crystal or ice. The plant can be used for things like tea, however.

Genetics and Reproduction

The plants are asexual, and only a certain amount bloom every one-hundred years.

Growth Rate & Stages

Thy live for about a year and take about a month to fully grow to be ready for harvest.

Ecology and Habitats

These roses do best in winter locations, where it is cold and snowy all year round. While they only bloom once a century, they can live up to a year in the right conditions so long as they are not cut from their roots.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

All parts of the plants can be used as herbal or alchemy purposes. As stated in the article about its petals, the Lokelanian Rose is known to treat most kinds of illnesses except Deepset Madness.
The stem and leaves of the Lokelanian Rose. Not quite this metallic looking, but similar otherwise.
1 year
Conservation Status
This species only blooms every 100 years, making it rare. As such, it is controlled by the Elders in Fu'atha Village, as that is where it naturally grows.
Average Weight
5 pounds
Average Length
1.5 feet
Geographic Distribution
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Cover image: by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay


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1 Dec, 2020 23:34

Wow, these sound so beautiful. I would definitely not be surprised if a war was started over them.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
Master sbsteele
S.B. Steele
2 Dec, 2020 14:11

I have an idea of how to tie them into the novel at a later point when they do bloom to show just how exotic and sought after they are. :) Thank you! <3

~ Sara // S.B. Steele
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