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The motivation behind building Utopia

I want to engage in this project to get a creative outlet, also accomplishment (when I get further into the worldbuilding) and to challenge myself. This project will be based in a D&D 5e context and embraces everything I like in fantasy, science fiction, mystery and games.

The goal of the project

I am hoping to give myself a project that will be at the same time fun and challenging. And a plus will be to have other people to share their thoughts about it and give feedback and even advice for me to learn more.

Utopia's Unique Selling point

What I intend to do is: 1- To work on my favorite genres such as fantasy (paranormal fantasy), science fiction (science-fantasy vein) and some mystery (and intrigue), as well as my passion for geography and history; 2 - And with this in mind I'll then develop my skills in worldbuilding and writing by creating a new world along with its history, geography and people.



My world will be a mix of the genres I want to dive in: Fantasy (Low Magic with hints of Paranormal style Science Fiction (where it meets Fantasy and also Paranormal aspects Mystery (cause I like a good intrigue too).

Reader Experience

I want this world to feel mystical and fairy tail-esque, but in Grim style. The geography, history and the feeling of this world will be beautiful, but kind of dangerous. Some places will be filled with riches and others with amazing people, but there will be some dark things out there too.

Reader Tone

The tone in this world it's somewhere between Dark and Bright. It's a world in which you must work hard to get what you want, but hidden there are some evil things happening as well.

Recurring Themes

A few recurring themes are: 1 - Good Overcoming the Evil; 2 - The Circle of Life; 3 - Corruption of Power; 4 - Everything has a Price;

Character Agency

The characters of this world will have some agency in controlling their lives only when it comes to small decisions, but no more than that. In here there are rules and one must follow them in order to keep peace. One must have considerable power to make big/great changes.


Wealth Distribution and Power: in this world there are those who have no power and are dominated, there are also those who impose themselves with power and domination over the weakest. There are also those who think this shouldn't happen.
Technology: that is a race (in the part of the world that it's leaning more towards sci-fi) to get more access to techniques and improvements to get more power.