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My Summer Camp Pledge

What is Summer Camp?

Summer Camp is an annual event that takes place at World Anvil, whose main objective is to encourage creative minds to create new worlds, explore new concepts and expand their creativity to infinity and beyond. To take part in the event, what you must do (after registering) is to take your hammer, light the forge and answer as many as you can of the 31 challenges involving world creation. You answer/complete the challenge by creating an equivalent item within your existing world or in an entirely new one.

Well, in my case it's easy. I'm starting now and I was already having the same difficulty that afflicts many newbies and even seasoned veterans, the dreaded questions popping up incessantly: ok, I finished this article and now where do I go? Do I continue with the story, with the characters, with the conflicts, with society? What should I focus on first? These and many other questions were boiling and frying my brain.

Just when I was debating what to do, the Summer Camp ad appeared, created by the brilliant minds of the WA team and which seems to be the perfect place to stir up ideas and have a good scope to challenge participants. But will it be possible for me to complete the 31 challenges right away, after all it is a very big leap. In that case, don't panic, the WA people have us covered again.

Summer Camp 2022 Homework (week 01)

This week the Summer Camp 2022 Homework was launched, which consists of a series of activities to get us in the mood for Summer Camp, as a warm-up. Each week there will be a homework assignment involving a theme, so the month of June will be a preview for Camp. And I really need it. I don't know how many challenges or themes I'll get, but I'm already so excited I can't stop thinking about it. So let's go to the first homework.

Goals and Motivations: The Questions

  1. Create a generic article in WA and name it “Summer Camp Pledge”:
  2. Here we have the article with the answers and other information such as my expectations, what I intend to focus my strengths on, how I hope to do in the challenge and what I hope to achieve in the end.

  3. What is your creative goal and motivation?
  4. My creative goal (what I want to write about) will be: Create and expand areas of my new world. He was just raised in WA, but he's been cooking in my heart for a while and I have so many ideas I don't know where to start. That's why I need to focus on the challenges as a guide to get started.
    My main motivation (because you want to achieve your creative goal) is: that I am very excited to learn, improve and discover more about this new world and about myself. I'm relatively new so I hope to learn by doing.

  5. What is your challenge goal
  6. For Summer Camp my challenge goal will be a little more flexible and within limits (not so absurd that it makes me give up, not so easy that it makes me lose excitement), after all I want a challenge that allows me to reach the end without causing burnout.

    I really want to reach Silver with 16 prompts, but I'm going to limit the challenge to Cobre with 8 challenges to be sure, but if I end up completing the Silver challenges I'll explode with happiness. I also hope to get at least 400 words in each article as I will only be working on one every 2-3 days. And finally I would like to improve the layout with images if possible.

    My personal goal is that I can create in the points of my world that reflect my ideas and add conciseness and unity to everything that is yet to be created. This is a personal wish.

  7. Post your article in the event call post comments!
  8. My article is published, public and posted in the comments. Hope you like it and good luck to everyone!

Summer Camp 2022 Homework (week 02)

We have a new homework assignment to complement our journey towards Summer Camp. This time we will work using “The Themes” which consist of a set of ideals and needs common to different worlds and they aim to inspire us on what we can include, improve or create. They can be used in different ways and adapted to each circumstance according to the world in which they will be used or the goals we want to achieve.

As I'm working on my first world, it's a little empty at the moment as I have the problem of having a lot of ideas and having no idea which way to go or which article/part/place to work on. There are so many options and so many things I want to start working on that I get confused, so I'll use the challenges as a starting point.

As suggested I went back to the Meta document (which will be linked below) and made a list of what possible items can go into this preparation phase using the themes as a guide. The list got huge, but I managed to filter/list the points where I already have some ideas planned.

Themes: The Suggestions

  1. Expansion (Copper Theme):
  2. Since the world of Utopia isn't written yet (everything that exists isn't in the form of articles, documentation, and maps, it's still just ideas and plans on scratch pieces and in my head), so an expansion can be any area that to my world could be considered new. However, if the topic is to talk about expansion in the literal sense, it will soon be a new area compared to the other existing / planned areas.

    In that case I have two plans:

    a) If I am going to work in an area that already exists in the planning, but is not documented, I would like to start with an area of forest that will be close to the main region. This area will be important because it is a route between this region and the others.

    b) If I am going to work in an area that was not part of the plan, I would like to include a desert area that, despite not being listed yet, I am curious to know and plan for. Another interesting area I didn't intend to use right now would be caves.

  3. Leadership (Silver Theme):
  4. In terms of leadership, I also thought of several ideas, such as exploring the clan system that a large part of the region follows and working on its leaders. It could also work in the temple that will perform the function of a school of historical, scientific and arcane knowledge, it will have influential leaders that deserve to be discussed. And finally, we can also move on to the military training center that must have leaders who need to stand out.

  5. Discovery (Gold Theme):
  6. For this topic, I am interested in working on some places that will present themselves, or rather, be discovered later, according to chronological order. They are the ancient ruins that told the story of long-lost peoples, and perhaps an ancient race whose history will be told in these ruins.

  7. Monstrous (Diamond Theme):
  8. If I get to this topic, I don't have many plans yet, but I intend to deal with a disease and/or plague that will devastate the residents of regions where there is commerce. Perhaps one of the leaders mentioned in the Silver theme is not so honored, or even some long-sleeping monster will return.

Final Notes (from week 02)

Anyway, there are a lot of ideas and maybe I won't get to use them all, or even have new ideas and inspirations for the Summer Camp logo. Let me know in the comments if any of the above ideas caught your attention.

Summer Camp 2022 Homework (week 03)

My people, news arrived and made me tremble. I confess that I was a little scared about this week's homework when it was announced and I discovered after rereading the post about three times (at least) that this activity is extremely important.

I had imagined that I would have to start my Meta again, only one to new for more than five different places, that I would have to search for images and music for each realm (or region), but this is not the way. After watching the stream and re-reading the post, I realized it was much simpler. So I decided that focusing on one session of the world would be a better plan and with that in mind I started this week's activity.

I started looking at last week's activity and realized that in it I was trying to achieve a lot in a short time and was lacking the scope my project needed. After all, just as Rome wasn't built in a day, my world won't be finished in thirty either. Especially if I start with a desire to work on everything.

And with the word “scope” in mind, I started my plan: to continue keeping the suggestions and ideas from the previous week (which are very important to me), keep in mind and plan so that the main “meta document” continues to pervade the world whole, but that each region had its own identity and goals. So, let's go to the session where we will work on this project.

Mini Meta: The Inspiration

  1. The Scope / The Theme
  2. In this Summer Camp I intend to focus on one area of the world and, if necessary, use others that are planned. This will be the main (or rather initial) area of the project. A “kingdom” that is quite old and has its status already established. A recurring theme is the use of power and its ability to corrupt people; the theme is more based on fantasy and supernatural elements; the tone will be a middle ground between Bright and Dark.

  3. The Scope / The Theme
  4. The main point on which I intend to work on the “drama” of this region is the recent change in the figure of “leadership”, which will be of an ambiguous nature, and perhaps a few others.

  5. The Atmosphere / The Inspiration
  6. Inspiration will be divided into sessions:
    • The musical would like to use Taylor Swift's Folklore album, Ed Sheeran's new album and some Celtic music tracks;
    • The literary will be inspired by my love for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and recently The Witcher;
    • The visual (film/series) will be Supernatural, Once Upon a Time and Van Helsing.

Final Notes (from week 03)

That was today's work, I hope I have created a good scope of work and organization to help me with Summer Camp in July. From the ideas I had programmed I hope to be able to use some and create many other amazing things. And if there is an idea that catches your attention or if you want to leave a suggestion, the comments are open.

Summer Camp 2022 Homework (week 04)

This week we started the countdown to Summer Camp and nothing fairer than the task that the WA people presented to us. The activity we must do will be our planning for the battle. That's right, plans A, B and C, or the main and backup plans, whatever you want to call them, but whose function is to help us create our strategy to start, focus and complete what we intend to create in Summer Camp.

We know that trying to reconcile the day-to-day routine and our creative projects can be complicated. We can go down a rabbit hole with a lot of things started and none completed or not even started at all because everything seems like a mess. I, for example, fall into both groups. But I hope that creating this plan with several items will give me more chances. As they say “plans are useless, but planning is essential”, so starting my plans is the goal for today and letting them guide me through this Summer Camp so that I can do my best is the main goal.


  • Mental Health
  • First, talk to my family so that they can give me support and encouragement (in addition to reading the various versions to give me feedback) and then provide moments of rest, trying to include meditation sessions and some teas to calm the anxiety so that I can charge my batteries if I feel overwhelmed. I've already made a list of my favorite snacks to leave in the prize box when I finish the session and my favorite Nespresso flavors to keep me company. I also have a relaxing playlist and lots of healthy activities to help me, like walking the dog and gardening, as well as new recipes to try in the kitchen.

  • Schedules
  • For schedules I'm going to keep (and do my best to make sure the schedule doesn't stray too far) to set aside ten minutes for research on the topic in question which the prompt will give me and half an hour to write about that topic. I intend to use quiet environments like the balcony, or when inspiration strikes, because sometimes it strikes me when I'm cooking, and to write at my desk where I keep my computer set up. My writing schedule will have to be in the evening, as my full-time job doesn't allow me to do other activities. And I'm going to use the Forest app to keep track of the time I'll be focusing on without distractions and keep the schedules accounted for.

  • Organization
  • After three weeks of homework I realized that my Meta needs some changes and more work, so this week I will try to improve it so that it can help me. I still have more ideas I need to organize them, I'm working on a table where I can keep a checklist of what I have to do. In the last two weeks I started an online HTML and CSS course in order to give my articles a more interesting layout.

Final Notes (from week 04)

Well folks. This is the last part of the homework. I'm nervous and a little worried as it's my first Summer Camp and I'm still a little flustered. I hope my fears are in vain and that everything goes well. See you at Summer Camp and good luck to all of us Now it's time to pick up the hammer!



  • The Summer Camp 2022 Homework event will be updated every week from June 4th to June 30th.
  • Week One: Goals (completed June 5th)
  • Week Two: Themes (completed June 15th)
  • Week Three: Inspiration (completed June 24)
  • Week Four: Planning (completed June 26)


    Summer Camp

  • The Summer Camp 2022 event will take place from July 1st to July 31st.

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Author's Notes


First, English is not my mother language. I wrote the entire article and used Google Translate to help in this translation, so I apologize for any errors in this document.

Second, if you'd like to leave a comment with any advice or words of encouragement, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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