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Stouters, Goats of the Riverlands

Praise be to the simple, but not simple-minded, Halflings of the Riverlands. These folk incorporate only the most jolly things into their lives, leaving all else to the cares of other stoic races. From their revelries to their farming, Halflings do their best to bring a bit of cheer to whatever situation they are in. Not a single funeral for a king is held earnestly for long. At the beginning healthy tears but in the end hearty laughter. And this love of life extends to their most prized farmhand, the Stout Goat.   The Stout Goat, or "stouter" as is known to the Riverlander folk, is the careful breeding of stronger and squater goats that can handle loads upwards of 300 pounds on their wide and strong legs. Similar in origin to their Dwarven cousins, these were bred but with carrying and walking in mind, not jumping. Their horns are smallish and light, their coats gentle tan or earthy brown. They bleating sounds similar to any other goat. They are tender-hearted and gentle spirits.   Their raising is like any other goat except from the womb stones are tied to them to help build muscle. There are many a-festivals for this purpose. The goats have the stones removed after a few months when they can carry the elderly on their backs with ease.   The goats are little less than revered by the Halflings and Riverlanders for their hardy work. Every day a stouter is used in deliveries, ploughing, milking, or any other manual task. Two large ones, about the size of donkeys, work at the Iron Quay to guide ships into their slips.   Every year a festival, Riverlanders love festivals, is dedicated to the pride of the stouters, giving them a much needed week off of work. Many spend their time rolling in the verdant fields or bathing in the flowing streams before settling back to work.   A spiritual aspect can been seen between their masters and themselves. They share a close kinship that surpasses emotional companionship. The stouters and Riverlanders have a preternatural knowledge of each other's locations. A farmer of twenty can give you a very rough estimation of his herds location within the mile, no matter the distance. It is for this reason goats are let loose during their week of recreation. Farmers also can swear their stouters nod or shake their heads to questions they never ask aloud. The stouters, according to one eccentric farmhand, appreciate the chance to work and enjoy working for their amicable masters. This seems the case since the accounts of mad or disheartened stouters is rarer than blood from the rock.

Basic Information


Similar to any normal goat, the Stout Goat, or "stouter" as is known to the Riverlander folk, is the

Biological Traits

Life expectancy of twenty years of good labor and another three of gentle living.   Stouters are squat-legged and hearty. They often weigh more than a Halfling master due to their muscle.

Additional Information


Used as beasts of burden and helpers in everyday activities.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

To carry burdens of large size and help haul loads into towns.

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Average Intelligence

Higher than most beasts.
20 – 25
Average Height
Two feet
Average Weight
40 – 55 pounds
Average Length
Three to four feet
Average Physique
Stout and strong.


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