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Statue of Gweney, Warrior-chief

Purpose / Function

Built during the "Peaceable Times" two thousand years ago. After Gweney the Warrior-chief died, all clans of Gleymor sheathed their weapons and donated all manner of resources to construct a statue depicting the Warrior-chief. This statue commemorates his unifying influence over the Gleymorish clans.   His name, Gweney Iron-Bear, is inscribed on the granite plaque.


Over the two thousand years this statue has been around many have been allowed to adorn it. The most noticeable, however, comes from the Merfolk of the lochs. These alterations were pearl plating, giving it the name "The Tall Iridescence." Others include the gems from the finest cutters in Gleymor, gold and bronze from the deep mines in the Wet Hills, and other valuable material found in Lochish.


The marble base supports the granite Warrior-chief. It stands seventy feet high on its twenty foot pedestal.   The figure itself is of Half-elven fashion: slightly exaggerated features, high-bridge nose, and square appendages.   Gweney holds his sword-spear pointed down in his left hand while the right hand points forward and up. He stands feet shoulder width apart and bare armed wearing his signature iron-bear skin, bearskin fastened with iron plates. His visage is stern and determined. His eyes narrow at some unseen objective in the distance.


First purposed by his greatest rivals, the Irminikwee clan, this statue was under construction within weeks of its inception and completed a little sooner than scheduled. The Irminikwee showed the upmost respect by volunteering as caretakers of the statue, a position earnestly upheld by their descendants to this day.   The statue did undergo a hardship in the greatest summer a thousand years ago when the sun grew to such heat, Corellon himself had to stave off the heat with his cool countenance. His presence shrouded the statue in a perpetual chill giving it the name "Frostwreath."   At the thousand year anniversary of the statues founding, the descendants of the Irminikwee restored weathered parts of the statue. The avatar of Corellon came back down and blessed the statue, making it an artifact unable to be destroyed by natural causes. In celebration, the caretakers allowed adornments. The most common were sapphires or emeralds, lending it the name "Jewel of Gleymor." It was also here the Lochish merfolk also during this time gifted mother-of-pearl and other shimmering materials to be added on, hence "The Tall Iridescence."
Alternative Names
The Tall Iridescence, Frostwreath, Jewel of Gleymor
Monument / Statue, Large
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