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Clocks, gnomish invention

Uses Cogs, a gift from Erathis and gears. A process to complete, especially alone. A gnome's home clock is every gnomes' pride and joy.


Besides novelty, the trueness of clocks has no real bearing outside of scholastic study and research.


Gears made from the copper and brass found under Wyn and western Greccia, and the ebony and other hardwood found therein were used for the framing. Glass imported from the Riverlands or Weirland is used as the faces. A clock takes a clockmaker a few weeks from start to finish, depending on the complexity of them.
Parent Technologies
No named inventor is known, and no one gnome has ever come forward. In this way, the gnomes hoped they as a whole would be recognized, not anyone individual.
Access & Availability
At first expensive and rare, only coming from select gnomes in Wyn, clocks have now become a bit more affordable. They best clocks, though, still come from Wyn.
Saying clocks are amazingly complex is just not good enough. Gnomes push further features on their clocks right as the other races start to achieve the first phase. At first, they just told time. Humans were next to unravel this mystery. Then the gnomes began adding a calendar of sorts. Dwarves latched onto this idea. A year before dwarves finally got the technique of it, the gnomes imbued the wood with magic allowing it to resist water and moisture. Then they made constellation watchers. Then harvest cycles for a plethora of crops. Then sunsetting and rising per each country's regions. The staggering speed at which the gnomes pushed out these marvels swept shipments into places like the Iron Quay. Clocks with water-resistant wood would be received in the customs houses then immediately another ship would come laden with harvest cycles and another with constellations. This virtually collapsed the market, or at least confused the populace since the custom houses sent the clocks out helter-skelter.
The Brittleback clan of gnomes in Wyn discovered the symmetry of gears and Cogs, a gift from Erathis after a cleric of Erathis preached the lawfulness. They supposed a god was as good a teacher as any and so began right away tinkering, as gnomes do.


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