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Year 5245 of the Second Age

Uthendar   A large continent surrounded by deep oceans is the largest continent on the plane of Uthen. There are 5 territories surrounding the central plains and the capital city of the empire, New Londo. With diverse climates and bountiful resources to sustain this lands populace, Uthendar is a self-sustaining empire that has held sway over these lands since the birth of this great nation.   Through the generations, there has always been one man that everyone in the empire reveres as a god, Ulacile The Eternal Guardian. The founder of the Empire of Uthendar, this man laid the groundwork for what is known today as the church of the eternal flame. The histories talk of a great flame that was rumored to be the catalyst for all life on this great land. Ulacile as the legend is told found the flame starting to fade after a great war that his forces were able to triumph over. This flame has been the source of all magic in the realm. Ulacile in his great love for the people of his lands, sacrificed himself to the flame to keep it going for as long as his life would allow it.   With a flame to give life there must be a duality however, and if there is a flame to give life, there is also a flame to bring death. There is an old legend of a profaine flame made by the drow in the Undercity of Cagmoth, The Profaine City. Legend says that the High Elf King forsake is gift of eternal life from Ulacile and left his Queen for an expedition to find the profaine flame and use their knowledge to find a way to make the flame pure. They were never heard from again. Expeditions have made there way down the path they took but few return. Grand stories of demons in the ruins of Cagmoth and drow using arcane magic to commune with demons from the abyss. There is little proof to these claims however due to drow living on the surface and even having seats in the senate of the captial.   There has to be an end to this war if there is any hope of peace in the land. If there is no stop to the bloodshed I shudder to think of what could happen to the abyss if it actually exists. So much death and destruction happening all over the empire its no wonder there are rumors of the dead rising from their graves and attacking the living. We are truly at end times for the empire if this continues. Are there no heroes to cleanse these lands!? Please help our people!

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