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The urodela resemble Pacific giant salamanders in form. They are a relatively young race and not as advanced as the others.   Tribes of urodela tend to be quite aggressive and typically do not have good relations with other races. They survive by raiding settlements and scavenging. They are quite resilient and can regenerate lost limbs. This regenerative ability encourages their aggressiveness since severe wounds can often be healed with time. The small size of the urodela combined with stealth makes them effective spies that can often infiltrate settlements to find weaknesses before a raid.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Salamander-like beings that stand 2-3’ tall on average. Some individuals can reach up to 4' tall and usually end up being the champions or leaders of their respective tribe. Urodela have long, lean bodies and short limbs. Their hands posses three fingers and a thumb while their feet have five toes. In terms of color and pattern they resemble a Pacific giant salamander, possessing a brownish or gold base tone with dark grayish or black splotches over their bodies and limbs.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Small tribes based around 2-3 family groups.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Although they were at one time common in the marshes, they are now mostly found in the hills and mountains along rivers and creeks.

Average Intelligence

Generally low. They can communicate and organize themselves, but most are far from being great thinkers.
35 years (They could probably live longer, but usually meet violent ends.)
Average Height
2' to 3' tall, although, as noted above, some individuals can become much taller.
Average Physique
They tend to be slim, but not very toned. Many have a slightly hunched posture.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Brown to gold base coloring that frequently looks somewhat sparkly or metallic. Dark brown to black camo-like splotches cover their bodies and limbs.

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