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Urth [Pacifica]

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Urth is a large, harsh, and wild place. It's inhabitants are scattered and segmented. Many regions have little or no communication with other parts of the world due to the dangers of long distance travel. The land is still scarred in some areas due to a cataclysm in the past known as The War of Essence.   The entries here will deal with a specific area known as The Republic of Pacifica and what the inhabitants of that area know of Urth.   Pacifica is a land of towering redwoods that cast a midday twilight beneath their thick canopy. It contains mountains and hills that restrict travel and hide ancient secrets. Valley fields hold lush meadows full of grazing Cervidae and farmlands rich with crops. Coastal waves slide up sandy beaches or crash against sheer ocean-side cliffs. Rivers crash down from the mountains, snake through the hills, then cut through the fields and wetlands. Although the local inhabitants have made steps in taming the land since The War of Essence, much of it is still wild and unknown.   The harsh terrain and large unexplored swaths of land make it a place full of mystery and danger. Its isolated communities tend to have little contact with the larger outside world. The main hub for the Republic is the port city Haven.

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