Witch Sticks

I think I need a new one. This one is getting a bit worn out. I worry I might crash if this inscription disappears.
— A witch to another
  A Witch stick is a vehicle that only witches can use. It's an enchanted stick that witches mostly use to fly with. It can be used for other magic and for sweeping the floor as well. Useful, right?   To not be caught by commoners while flying, other enchantments are also used while flying.  


A witch's stick is a wooden stick that is on average around 1350mm long and around 28mm in diameter. This stick is usually hand-carved wood. But the wood used depends on the witch in question. They can choose which wood they want to use themselves. Some witches even buy wooden mop handles from cleaning stores. However, the inscriptions carved into the wood of the stick have to be made by the witch who will use it.   In Urskoga the witch population can purchase the wooden sticks, sans inscriptions, from a wood crafter named Aaron. His store is two houses away from The Hidden Library. Many witchy tourists to the library also pop over to his wood store when they visit the town.   A witch usually doesn't lend out their stick to another witch, as it will not be usable by others. This does not mean that they don't lend out their sticks to commoners who might want to dust snow off their car, though. As these vehicles are usually disguised as broomsticks.  


Nobody knows when these sticks were first invented or who came up with them. There however many records of witches riding on broomsticks since the 1400s.   A person who has lived in Urskoga since the 1790s claims that all the witches who lived there then used these sticks. If this is true or not is hard to say, since it's only that person's perspective. They have been extremely popular during the years in the town though. The sticks are still a common vehicle in Urskoga and the number of witches in the town is also on the rise.  


A witch-in-training will learn to use their stick during their training with a mentor and they will get a license of sorts to use their stick after their mentor is finished training them.   There have been people who have tried to become witches without having a mentor, this usually ends badly and many of these people die while trying to learn how to use a stick.   Not every witch might even want a stick. There are some witches who live in packed cities who do not bother to get one even though they can be helpful not only for flying but for focusing other types of magic.


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21 Jan, 2023 08:49

There is so much here that I love. Probably the biggest thing is the tiny vignette/quote about replacing the old witch stick for a new one. Vehicles are tools and building the use/overuse factor into witch sticks makes them feel more mundane. Yeah, they are fantastic, but for the witches themselves, they aren't. You have to change the oil in your car, the mileage adds up, the inscription fades and you don't want to get stuck on edge of the road/mountain when it fails. Love it.

24 Jan, 2023 22:58

Thank you! :) <3

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