SC2022 Pledge

I hereby pledge to finish at least 31 articles during this Summer Camp
— BasicDragon
  This Summer Camp I will be working on Urskoga as I am currently working on an "adult" coloring book and a short romance/slice-of-life novella/webcomic in this setting...I am also going to be creating the town in Blender. I am hoping that writing these articles will inspire me more for the novella and the Blender project.   As this is a tiny town I might not be able to fit all the prompts into it. If this happens I will be writing those articles in the world of Skywell or any of the other of my worlds that the prompts might be perfect for.  

The Themes

There is a large body of water named Urborgasjön, a river called Urvattna, a vast forest surrounding the town, and an old urban area in the town and a sewerage system below the town. Which ones of these areas I will use depends on the prompts. If they don't fit any I will use Skywell...who has several barely explored floating islands...  
I don't think that this theme will give me any problems. There are several kinds of leadership in this town. Parents in families, bosses at small companies, or leaders of groups or the government.  
This might be the hardest theme in this setting as mostly the only thing discoverable here is Knowledge. It depends entirely on the prompts. This theme is easy in Skywell though as it's one of that world's main themes.  
In a town full of "monsters" this theme is perfect. Depending on the prompts I am hoping that I will get to write any of the "species" I should have already been writing on. But there are also monstrous people and groups that I would like to tackle.  


There are supernatural powers and creatures living in this well as a an ancient being resting below it.
A swedish ancient herding call with pretty swedish nature.
The swedish national song with pretty nature shots and lyrics in english.
A song that I think fits XD
The church of Umeå, there's a lot of old/fancy buildings in this Urskoga especially in an area I hope I will be able to write for...
by Me
A building in Denmark that I liked.
by Me
Another building in Denmark...
by Me
...and a river in Denmark. I got very inspired in Denmark. They have a lot of cool buildings there.


An ancient being rests below Urskoga, that's why a lot of supernatural beings gather here. Most people, even those who are supernatural beings or have the Knowledge of their existance, do not know of this ancient being. Those who do try to keep the old being at rest.   All other drama is either on an organization or personal level.  
Characters currently of note are:
  • Isak, a youtuber who has just moved to the town and his friend Robin (Isak's article is up but not Robin's. Their article will be written later...maybe during summercamp like most of these characters).
  • Mio, can't really say much about this character yet, because of secrets! XD...we'll see when their article will be up. XD
  • Xayd, a CEO of a company. His article is still only a stub as well.
  •   ...I'm also hoping to come up with new characters and more drama during Summer Camp.  


    I always write my articles when I come home from work around 2am - 6am I will be spending 1 hour a day around 4am-5am on workdays writing around 400-500 words an article. On days off from work I will be writing when I feel like it.  
    I always talk to my sibling Hayate about my ideas and we plan them out. I will be doing this when we both have the time. (They are a currently have very little time. XD; )   I will be checking in on the discords #summercamp channel.   I will most likely also be streaming during Summer Camp. I am unsure about my streaming schedule. I am currently working on a Coloring Book that also takes up time after my workdays so I do not know if I will have the time to fit in streams... since prep before stream is needed. (it also takes longer to go to bed after the adrenaline rush that is streaming...and the time after a workday is supposed to be my cool down period... so. XD;; )

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