Quirky Werewolves

Look at my cool avatar! Isn't he cool? I spent a lot of money on this NFT, but the game will be so cool...
— An excited gaming investor
  The Quirky Werewolves were an NFT 10,000-piece collection created by Robie3355, a native inhabitant of Urskoga. The collection featured cartoon werewolves procedurally generated by an algorithm. The art was decent, and the items that the werewolves could be generated with were considered cool. While most NFT characters are usually a bust, these were full-body characters.  


At the end of 2019, a site appeared on the net advertising the Quirky Werewolves. An NFT project that would feature a fighting game, a metaverse where people could hang, and a staking feature that would allow NFT owners to earn money. Lots of other features were also promised. There was even a small beta of the fighting game available.   The NFT was also advertised by several influencers. And the hype among the crypto bros and some gaming communities was building.   The NFT collection was released in March 2020, and the NFTs quickly sold out. Robie3355 kept updating people about the project for another three weeks, and then all social media was deactivated, and Robie disappeared with the money.   The communities that had been tricked were devastated. They called the police, but nothing could be done. The reputation of some of the influencers who had advertised the NFT took a nosedive while others had their reputation go up. Because their fans and the social media hive mind felt sorry for them. The community of NFT owners has tried to band together to both find Robie and to still at least create the game they were promised. However, nothing much has come out of this. The community has also tried contacting the artist who drew the art for the NFT project and the game's beta version but to no avail.


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18 Aug, 2022 16:38

This article was not what I was expecting at all, but the monstrous idea is definitely there! Great read!

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18 Aug, 2022 22:03

Hehe! Thank you! I see now that I forgot to put in the amount that Robie got away with. Must've only written about it in Robie's article. *writes to remember to edit article after SC* XD;;   I wanted this and the villainous character to be very connected but didn't know what to write about until I saw Q mentioning NFTs in the discord. Which I found funny since I do follow a lot of youtubers who report on NFT/Crypotocurrency/kickstarter/game scams. XD;;

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